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Eurotrip is an American teen movie from 2004 that has a big cult following. It's about the Americans and European culture: a long history full of misunderstandings. In the film, all political correctness, shame and conventions are easily thrown overboard. 

The story in brief:

Scott is about to be dumped by his girlfriend Fiona on graduation day. Stupidly, he has just misunderstood with his pretty German pen pal Mieke, because he assumed she was a man because of the American pronunciation as Mike. Since Mieke broke off contact and blocked his email address, he decides to fly to Berlin with his friend Cooper.

But they only get one flight to London and an odyssey begins in which Scott, his best friend Cooper and befriended twins travel across Europe to search for Scott's German pen pal Mieke - and they encounter a lot of fun, stupid, big and embarrassing situations and people along the way. 

Their route starts out in Hudson, Ohio. From there, he and Cooper travel to London, before they actually end up in Paris. From Paris it's off to Amsterdam, and then to Berlin. At least, that is what they think, but due to language issues they end up going to Bratislava instead. From there, they eventually get back to Berlin after all, but Mieke has gone to Rome - so that's the next and final city they head to.

All of those mentioned cities deserve to be visited for more than just a day or two, as they have so much to offer. In this guide you will follow the route from the movie, but we have put together some more spots for you than those you see in the movie. 

Especially since (as it is always the case) large parts of the film were not shot at the actual locations: The Berlin scenes were shot in a German city called "Warnemünde". Other locations were Prague and London. The scenes on the beach were shot in the German "Rostock". 

But don't worry, besides the must see attractions of the cities and a little bit of culture you will find a lot of tips for the best bars and clubs in the cities in the guide below, so that nothing will stand in the way of your own Eurotrip!