The All-in-One
Travel Platform

The All-in-One
Travel Platform

Your whole trip in your pocket:
Waypoints, expenses, tickets, photos
and more! Just for yourself or as a group!

Your whole trip in your pocket:
Waypoints, expenses, tickets, photos
and more! Just for yourself or as a group!

Planning your next adventure

While travelling is great, the travel planning often is quite hectic! But not with Lambus.

Lambus sparks the fun of holiday organisation in a completely new and playful way. With state-of-the-art technologies, users can utilize uncomplicated planning in real time and every explorer can incorporate his or her own ideas into the travel process through waypoints, nearby places etc. With knowledge-based learning, our app uses and analyzes your travel habits and preferences to give you new great ideas and inspirations for your next trip and where your next adventure could lead you.

And if the trip is over? Simply move the trip to your archive, so you can focus on your next journey with Lambus!

Find new inspirations:
With Lambus Discover

They are said to exist, those unicorns amongst the frequent travellers who have always known exactly which countries they want to experience in the next 5-10 years from now and whose personal bucket list in their pocket is just waiting for another tick off behind their latest travel destination. But for those who are not one of those fabulous creatures and don't know exactly where to go next, Lambus now offers the new Discover feature.

Get inspired by travel suggestions that are tailored just to your needs. Search for your next dream destination using categories, hashtags and more; look forward to fascinating recommendations in our Trips of the Day, Week and Month. Discover magical places, great photo environments or even bizarre secret spots that have remained completely hidden from your eyes up until now.

Cost Allocation
This is how you keep track of your expenses

How much does John owe me for the rental car we used on our surf trip? Has Tanja already given me the money for Madame Tussauds? And who on earth paid the last slide of Beer in the MGM Grand last night?

With Lambus you can easily manage all your expenses. No matter whether you want to get a rough overview, assign your group costs for each person or pay your debts directly and uncomplicated via PayPal or other payment systems: Our travel expense tool offers you the perfect platform for your very own personal travel expense management!

Organize your
travel documents

The booking confirmation of your rental car is lost forever somewhere in the mailbox, the file with the hostel adress was once posted weeks ago in the group chat and damn: Who actually printed out the flight tickets for our team?

When it comes to the organization of travel documents, panic and chaos quickly spread, especially during group trips. With Lambus, you can store your complete travel documents conveniently and centrally in one place, which you can access at any time. Simply deposit your holiday documents in the app, put your smartphone in your pocket and then you can relax and focus fully on your adventures.

No WiFi? No problem!

Everyone knows this unpleasant situation: The tickets for the train, bus or the hotel booking are haunting somewhere in the email inbox. But to be able to call up the confirmation from Lufthansa, Airbnb and others at all, an active internet connection is usually required - and this is really not available everywhere and at any time.

With the Lambus offline functionality, these worries are a thing of the past. Access all your waypoints, notes, travel expenses, booking documents and photos easily, even if you're not connected to the Internet

Create notes
and share them with your friends

"How many pairs of long pants are you going to pack for our trip?"
"What diseases should we possibly get vaccinated against?"
"Who's gonna write us the shopping list for the weekend?"

Do questions of this kind seem familiar to you and do you also think that you have to phone and write far too much back and forth to clarify these concerns? Use the notes functionality in Lambus to create freehand pack and bucket lists or memos for your trip and tick off points you've taken care of. This way you never lose track of your things to do before and during your adventure and you can share your lists with your friends at any time.

Transportation in Lambus

Using Lambus, you have full control over your transportation: Either add your existing bookings or purchase your flights, trains or buses directly in Lambus using our partner Omio!

And the best is: Once your booking is completed, we can automatically import your tickets to Lambus as well, so you have everything available in one central place!

Check it out!

Available for free on the App Store, on Google Play and as a Web App.

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