Maximize Your Customer Value After The Booking

Your Benefits
Provide A Modern Travel Experience
Provide all relevant travel details (itinerary, hotels, transportation & activities) in one single app.
Increase Your Post-Booking Revenue
Upsell additional experiences (e.g. activities & rental cars) directly from the app and based on the user interests.
Improve Your Customer Loyalty
Retain your customers by reaching them via personalized email- and push-campaigns.


Pricing plans for companies of all sizes

Choose a plan that aligns with the size of your customer audience and level of personalization you need for your trips.

Small Business

Best for small companies or travel agencies doing 1 - 50 trips per month. Start slim, go from there!

€10.99 / Trip

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Most popular

Best for larger corporates that require a more advanced infrastructure, data intelligence and support.

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Best for growing startups that want to scale their customer base. Get up to 80 % discount for your first 6 months.

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