What to Consider on a Road Trip

You are planning to go on a road trip by car? Perfect! For sure you’re going to have an amazing time and plenty of new experiences which makes you richer. But before starting there are a few things you might consider, to get the best out of it and not taint your journey.

Is the car in a good shape?

The comfort of the road trip depends on the car. The most important thing for a relaxed ride is a proper car. Enough oil? No strange sounds and disturbing indicator lights? It can get very expensive and takes a lot of time if the car is suddenly not working anymore and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with all your luggage. A simple check in a garage before departure can avoid those problems.

yellow camper driving in national park in usa between big rocks

Consider the traffic law and speed limit

Different countries mean different rules. It can be helpful to gather some information about local traffic law, for example speed limit, side of driving and alcohol limit, before starting the road trip. In some countries its fine to drink one beer and drive and in others it’s strictly forbidden. Probably it’s better to follow the local restrictions, than starting a discussion in a foreign language with a police man.

Plan your budget and check prices

To safe money you can check the level of prices in advance. If you see the grocery is way more expensive than at home, you can prepare a food bag. There are also some applications, which help to find the cheapest gas station. You can find some useful apps here: Useful Apps for Road Trips

camper sitting around a campfire and bihnd them their camping cars for the roadtrip and camping with view on the sea and some cliffs

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Depending on how spontaneously you plan your trip you need more or less equipment. If you already booked all the hostels and hotels you don’t need lot of camping stuff. But if you didn’t prepare the stay, it can be useful to take a mattress and a tent with you. In case you combine the road trip with camping make sure that you don’t forget the necessary things like sleeping bag. Airbnb is a good tool to book the accommodations, also spontaneously while riding. You can book directly through the Lambus app.

Planning favorable stops on your itinerary

You can safe time, if you already know where to go. Check if there are some must-see-spots on the way, or if you might can buy tickets (for instance for national parcs) in advance. In this case you don’t have to wait in queues or miss a day because there are no more tickets for the day available. Also check, if you might visit a region of old friends you haven’t seen for a while. Road trips are a good opportunity to make some visits and work on long-distance-friendships.

sitting inside a car, legs out of the window and a map on the lap. outside the car window a beach and water with waves

Avoid boredom in the car on the road trip

Doing a road trip includes time in the car and sometimes long rides. Make sure that you always enjoy this time as well, because you are on vacation. You can download an audio book or a podcast about your destination. If you travel with company, you could prepare some funny questions or car games to stimulate good conversations. But after all:

Have a great time and enjoy the ride!

Take your time and don’t rush. This is what makes the roadtrip special. Enjoy the time in the car and make breaks whenever you see something nice. Go for a coffee when you pass a nice little village or do a picknick, when you are on top of a mountain or just see a nice spot.

girl or woman on a roadtrip is driving a car on a small road in the mountains with good view and sun in the mountains

If you are interested in some more information for planning your road trip, have a look at this: Tips for the perfect road trip

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