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Your next favorite destination.
Your next favorite destination.
Get inspired from guides around the world – with expert tips and recommendations from our travel-loving editors and the Lambus community.
Everything in one place
Across Devices
No WiFi needed
Solo or as a group
Whether waypoints, travel expenses, booking documents or photos.
Use Lambus either on your smartphone, tablet or on the Web.
Your trips are stored offline, so you can access everything on the go.
Plan either on your own or with your fellow travelers.
Your custom itinerary.
Your custom itinerary.
Plan your trip on an interactive map and save as many waypoints as you need. Easily add hotels, things to do, transportation options, notes and more!
Your matching offer.
Your matching offer.
The research has been done, and you’re ready to book. Find exactly the offer that suits your trip with our partners like GetYourGuide, Omio & Co.
Your trip stress free.
Your trip stress free.
We're also there for you during your trip: easily access your bookings, enter expenses on the go, book activities and more!
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For all kinds of trips
Solo travelers
Plan your itinerary and store your travel expenses and booking documents
Group travelers
Plan your trip together and benefit from real-time updates, push notifications and chat
Business travelers
Use Lambus for your next business trip and store your appointments, hotels, etc.
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Available for free on the App Store, on Google Play and as a Web App.
Set up in a minute. Free forever.
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