How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is an exciting way to travel, without doubt. But it can be helpful to plan a few things in advance, to get the best out of it. There will be enough space during the jurney, to be spontaneus, if the main parts are well organized. This articel gives you an overview about how to plan a backpacking trip and how to start.

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Choose the region- Where do you wanna travel?

If you know where to go its easier to make further decisions and plan everything else. Maybe you always had you dream destination. In this case it’s the perfect time to start planning this trip now. If not, the internet is full of inspiration and advices. If you are not sure where to go yet, this article can be interesting for you: 10 Easy Backpacking Countries for Beginners

Choose a time period – When do you wanna travel?

After choosing you destination you can check out the best time to travel in this specific area. Maybe there are rainy seasons, that you would like to avoid, maybe there are special festivals or events that you would like to join, maybe there are cheap flights in low season? The Nothern Lights in Norway, Chinese New Year or christmas in New York: The worls is waiting for you. A lot of things can influence the best time to travel, depending on your destination and your personal life. Don’t forget to make sure that you can get free time from work and no important appointments at home are already fixed.

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Choose your company – Do you wanna travel alone or with friends?

Decide if you would like to have company or if you prefer to travel alone; both has benefits and you should decide which option fits best for you. Don’t worry if you realise, the decision was maybe not optimal. If you start alone but don’t like it anymore, there a plenty of possibilities to meet new people. Here are 5 Ways to Meet People While Traveling. And on the other way round, if you started with someone, but you have different views about how to travel, its okay to spend some days alone and catch up later again. Always remember that you are on vacation and you should enjoy every moment.

Choose your itinerary – What do you wanna do?

Which steps would you like to do and how do you get there? Find out where the airports are and which options you have. Bus, train, plane… and which connections are possible, check google for shuttle busses which take you to national parc entrance or if there are possibilities for car parking. Don’t feel stressed if you don’t find any single bus connection, some things are easier once you get there. Using public transport can be a good and authentic way to travel with backpack. Check out lambus to mark your waypoints and plan a backpacking trip and your itinerary.

Screenshot from lambus app for your custom itinerary and interactive map with waypoints
Lambus can help you to plan your custom itinerary on an interactive map.
‎Lambus | Travel Planner
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Lambus | Travel Planner
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Choose your tickets – What do you wanna visit?

It can save time and money if you book some tickets before arrival. For instance, if you just spend one day in Barcelona but would like to see the Sagrada Família for sure, it can be smart to book in advance, because the tickets are limited and sold out quickly. Also check the national parks you would like to visit. Some popular hikes in famous national parks allocate the tickets up to 5 months in advance. Check those deadlines if you have a specific national park in mind. And last but not least: Check if you need Visa for your destination and even more important, if your passport is valid and for how long.

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Choose payment – How do you wanna spend money?

Check out if you need different currencies during your journey and how to get cash. Also make sure, that your bank card works in that area and if it compatible with ATM. Perhaps its good to change already a little amount of money in your local bank to arrive with cash and don’t feel pressure to look for the next ATM after arrival because the kiosk next to the train station doesn’t accept your card. Furthermore, it can be an advantage to have more than one credit card (VISA and Master) to make sure you are able to pay.

Choose your equipment – What do you need?

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Don’t bring too much stuff in your backpack. Being prepared for every situation is nice but try to bring multiuse things, to carry as less weight as possible. Furthermore, it matters how you pack your backpack. I can be helpful to watch a tutorial how to pack.

Consider what kind of gear and equipment you need. It makes a difference if you stay over the night in your tent or if you stay in a hostel, for example. If you hike a lot, choose socks and shoes wisely to enjoy even the next days without pain. Most important for a backpacking trip is the backpack. Try it before you leave and also check how much weight you can carry. Make sure that it doesn’t hurt your back, because you will lose the joy really quick if the shoes or the backpack hurts or if it’s too heavy. Backpacks are available in different sizes and within the size it’s still possible to change the settings and adjust the straps.

Don’t forget to check the weather and bring appropriate (and practical) clothes. I mention it again, because it happens often to beginners: Don’t put too much in your backpack. You will find opportunities to wash and you’ll be happy about every kilo you don’t have to carry.

Do it!

We all know the first step is the biggest. But even if it might seem overwhelming for you: You can do it. You don’t have to start with a backpacking world tour. Start with a little trip and see if this kind of travel fits for you. Go out and use your equipment. Start with a hike for a day or a weekend. You can grow with every step, if you just start to plan your backpacking trip.

If you once started you can use your smartphone as tool for almost every situation. Have a look at Useful Apps For Backpackers to make it more easy and less stressful.

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Feel free to tell us how you started to plan a backpacking trip and what your fist trip was or will be. ?

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‎Lambus | Travel Planner
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Lambus | Travel Planner
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