Lavender Provence Journey
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Lavender fields and mountain villages, embedded in #mediterranean natural beauty. Delicate blue and violet flowers transform parts of southern #france into a single work of art created by nature. Most people first think of this when they have images of #provence in their minds. And that's exactly how it really is.

Once a year, Provence becomes the scene of a unique spectacle. When the sheer endless #lavender fields bloom, the region becomes a unique and very photogenic #landscape. Lavender in Provence blooms from mid-June to mid-August. Of course, this cannot be clearly determined, as the flowering time is largely dependent on the weather, but the chances are very good during this period. 

This #roadtrip offers you: Intensely luminous lavender fields, the #romantic beauty of southern France, here and there a charming harbour town or an #idyllic winery hides that invites you to a welcome break.

Two of the most impressive lavender fields can be found at Plateau de Valensole and at the monastery of Sénanque.

Plateau de Valensole - At an altitude of 500 metres you will find the #plateaudevalensole. Above all, a visit from the beginning of July until the beginning of August is worthwhile, as then, the lavender blossoms on the 800 km² surface are particularly beautiful to look at. Beside the #breathtaking lavender fields, you will also find corn or sunflower fields on the plateau.

Monastery of Sénanque - Just as worth seeing as the lavender fields is the purple sea of flowers in front of the #monasteryofsénanque. This is located in the department of Vauclause. Together with the lavender flowers it offers a #magical sight and is therefore a popular photo motif.