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Venice is a city like no other. Built on islands in the middle of a lagoon, the city fascinates tourists from all over the world. We will introduce you to the best sights of Venice, give you useful travel tips and show you the really worthwhile highlights in Venice.

There are no roads or cars in Venice. In the lagoon city, boats serve as means of transport on the canals and as pedestrians, one can reach one's destination through the many alleys and the more than 400 bridges. Also the taxis are small boats in this city that take you everywhere to your destination, there you almost feel like in one of the many movies that were shot in Venice. Since the boats don't get everywhere, of course, you have to walk a lot. Fortunately, the small alleys are so charming, you always find a new beautiful motif behind a bend.


Canal Grande

The Canal Grande is the largest and widest canal that meanders through the entire city. Here you can take the public boats from station to station and cross the city. The Canale Grande in Venice is 4km long, always between 30 and 70 meters wide and approximately 5 meters deep. In many places, one gets a very good view to the buildings from the water. 

Doge's Palace

For more than 1,000 years the impressive Doge's Palace has stood next to St. Mark's Church, which was also built at that time. Since 836 it has served as the seat of the Doge and of the governmental and judicial organs of the Republic of Venice.

St. Mark's Square, St. Mark's Cathedral and St. Mark's Tower

St. Mark's Square is the most famous and in the past the most important place for events, announcements and much more. Adjacent is the Basilica of San Marco and its bell tower, the Markusturm. At 98.5 metres high, it is the tallest building in Venice. It is the most famous building of the city and was named in the Venetian El paron de casa (Lord of the House). The church is very beautiful so the long wait to get inside may not seem so long. Those who want to get a good view of the city should take a trip to the tower. 

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

After the plague of 1477, the Brotherhood of St. Rochus of Montpellier was founded, which built the church from 1489. One of the great sons of Venice is Jacopo Tintoretto, who created his famous masterpieces in the 16th century. One of his most important is the cycle of 56 paintings in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. 

A boat trip to the islands of Murano, Torcello and Burano

On Murano the world famous glassblowers work. During a visit, you can look over their shoulders and watch them conjure up wafer-thin works of art. The so-called church island Torcello is quiet and contemplative, with a lot of nature and some worth seeing sacral buildings, for example the cathedral Santa Maria Assunta. The picturesque colorful Burano is an enchanting contrast to the fashionable Venice. 

Bridge of Sighs

A very famous bridge in Venice is the Bridge of Sighs. It connects the Doge's Palace and the new prison via one of the small canals. It was built around 1600 and the name was supposedly given to it later by the fact that the convicts could have a look at the sea or the lagoon with a last sigh when they were transferred to the prison. The bridge stands out in any case, because it was not built classically directly at the water, but far above in the air.

Rialto Bridge

Venice is famous for many bridges, but the most famous is the Rialto Bridge. Stretched over the Canal Grande it is 48m long and one of the oldest buildings in the city. Those who want to have a good view to the Rialto bridge should take the public boat from there in direction to the Piazza San Marco. If you then stand on the open, rear area of the boat, you will have a great view. By the way, the name Rialto comes from the area Rialto, which used to be a good trading place in Venice. Rialto means "high bank", the area there is also the highest one.

Santa maria della Salute

The baroque church Santa maria della Salute is perfectly located at the entrance to the Canal Grande and with its size and appearance it shapes the image of the city. It was built due to a plague epidemic in 1630, completed and opened in 1687. In its surroundings there are many beautiful canals that are worthwhile to explore and some of them are deserted, as on this side of Venice there are not too many tourists.

Ponte dell Accademia

The Ponte dell Accademia offers a fantastic view of the church and the entrance corridor from the Canal Grande. There you can also watch the sunset.

If you would like to skip the classic tourist program, we recommend that you simply walk. The further away one gets from the tourist centres, the quieter it gets. But to be fair one has to say that the canals, bridges and houses in the tourist centres are the most beautiful. Nevertheless, the areas that are off the beaten track are worth an excursion. Here, one finds many quaint corners, small cafes and cheaper restaurants.