Ireland + GoT Filming Locations
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Valar Morghulis revered Targaryen, Lannisters, Starks and those who want to become. Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms of #Westeros, more specifically to (Northern) #Ireland. In 2014, #GameOfThrones creator George R. R. Martin himself explained that - in choosing the shape and typography of the Westeros world - he was heavily inspired by an upside-down version of the Irish island.

And who would blame him for considering countries with such magical and idyllic #landscapes? Even travelers, who are less concerned about the battle around the Iron Throne and Martins life's work, should be thrilled at the sight of the numerous lush green #meadows or the tangled tree constellations with the name "The Dark Hedges" in the Northern Irish county of Antrim - which Game of Thrones enthusiasts probably know better as “King's Road”. Fans of the #GoT series can also look forward to Castle Ward in County Down, scenery of #Winterfell, home of the Starks. A visit to Northern Ireland's capital, Belfast, is also compulsory, as it houses the studios where many scenes from the #fantasy epic were produced. But that's just a fraction of what awaits you on the beautiful Irish island. In this sense (if you are already aiming for a timely arrival to Westeros): Brace yourselves, winter is coming - or even has arrived!