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Apulia is a southern Italian region that forms the heel of the Italian "boot", shines with its fantastic beaches, exciting sights and a varied landscape. Let yourself be surprised by the diversity of #apulia. 

With about 800 kilometres Apulia shines with one of the longest coasts of #italy and waits for you with numerous beautiful beach sections and coastal villages. #naturelovers, #culture and #historylovers as well as lovers of Italian cuisine will not miss out here either.

Apulia has a lot in store for you. Here you will find the most beautiful cities, which are definitely worth a visit during your journey through southern Italy.


One of the oldest and most extraordinary cities in the world, you first have to understand. The best thing to do is to put on comfortable running shoes and go for a walk in the gorge, which is particularly atmospheric in the light of the early evening. The Gravina River has dug the gorge into the karst of eastern Basilicata over millions of years. Matera is not located at this gorge. Matera IS the gorge. The houses are caves in tuff. Over thousands of years people lived in them, dug them deeper into the rock, provided them with roofs and masonry porches. 

Castel del monte

If you are interested in architecture and history, you should definitely visit the famous Castel del Monte in the city of Andria. The famous hunting lodge of Emperor Friedrich II is the most impressive medieval building in southern Italy and is still well preserved in its original form. The fort lies high up on a hill and can already be seen from a distance.


Between mountains, forests, grottos and beaches, holidaymakers on the Italian peninsula of Gargano can experience something different every day. While many European holidaymakers are driven all the way down to the tip of their boots, Italians spend their holidays on the boot spur. No wonder, because the region Gargano in the province Foggia belongs with its various animal and plant world and cultural legacies to the most varied regions of Italy.


Fasano is situated in an ideal geographical position, not far from the sea and at the foot of a mountain ridge. On the other side is the Canale di Pirro, a charming valley. The area around Fasano is covered with olive groves, orchards and vineyards, but there are also many spots of unspoilt Mediterranean vegetation.