Lake Garda
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Bella Italia! Picturesque places, blue water, mild climate, delicious food and #mediterranean flora. Lake Garda in #italy is a wonderful destination. So it's no wonder that every year tourists from all over the world are magically attracted. #lakegarda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and Europe. 

In this trip we have compiled some tips for a sustainable holiday at Lake Garda.

Active holidays in the north

In the north of the #lake, especially active travelers get their money's worth. Valleys, streams, #mountains, forests and lots of water await you here. Perfect conditions for #hiking, mountain biking, jogging, canoeing, rafting, sailing or surfing. If you look at the north of the lake, you have the feeling of standing in front of a narrow fjord. But the olive trees and palm trees on the shore show again that one is in the middle of Italy.

Hiking at Malescine

The east is characterized by hills that invite to hiking. How about the hiking tour from Torri del Benaco to Malcesine? Also cycling is quite popular here. In the small town itself you can spend relaxing hours at the beach. Here and there you will find a few shops where you can look for suitable souvenirs.

Surfing in Torbole

At the foot of the lake shore there are a few colourful houses that made Goethe rave in 1786. At that time Torbole was a small fishing village, but today it is much more famous.  Although only 900 souls still live in this village, Torbole managed to become famous beyond the borders of Italy. And why? This region is one of the best surfing areas in Europe.