Rome Insider Tips
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Rome - the eternal city. Or the city of eternal queuing or jostling, if you will. But there are so many interesting places to discover in Rome that are far away from the masses. We'll tell you our #rome insider tips and show you how to spend relaxing days here!

Our highlights

Going out in San Lorenzo

You want to celebrate like the locals and not pay 8€ for your drink? Then spend your evening in the student quarter of San Lorenzo!

Sure - it looks a little run down here already. But the street art is ingenious, the people are friendly and the bars authentic. Fancy pubs are not to be found here, it is rather cosy. So if you want to get to know locals and leave cheap, you are right here in the evening. In kiosk-like standing bars it costs mostly only 1-2€ and also all other drinks are cheap. 

View over Rome from the terrace of Campidoglio

Quite hidden behind the Capitol in the Musei Capitolini, you have one of the best free views over the rooftops of Rome! On the terrace of the Cafarellis you can enjoy the view over the St. Peter's Basilica.

Caracalla Thermal Baths

You love ruins? Then off to the Caracalla Thermal Baths! The area is large, which is not surprising considering the splendour of the thermal building at that time - up to 2000 people found a place in the warm and cold pools at that time. Today the thermal baths are a ruin, but nevertheless fascinating and partly well preserved. For us they are one of the top travel tips for Rome. In many places you can see the artfully laid mosaic, and the large basin can also still be seen. The footbridges lead through the spa building, so that one is in the middle of the building without damaging anything.

General tips

Nowhere else can you escape from the masses and still discover interesting places like in Rome! The whole city is a single open-air museum, and every other street feels like an excavation or a historically significant building. Often you'll find a small, nice museum or a pretty cafe. All you have to do is get away from the central streets and squares. Just turn off and let yourself be surprised what you will discover! Take a look at the travel guide or the map if you want to know what you just found. Otherwise just let yourself drift!

Take a look at Rome at night! At this time of the day Rome has its own magic. One can then give free rein to the fantastic journey through time in his head and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

You should definitely watch the Trevi Fountain at night. From midnight, when hardly any people visit Rome's most famous fountain, it shows its most beautiful side. During the day, you have neither peace nor real opportunity to do so, as there is only pushing and pushing. At night you have time to admire it in all its splendour. 

Although Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, there are insider tips to help you escape from the tourist crowds. The eternal city has so many wonderful treasures in store for its visitors. You just have to be willing to leave the beaten paths and discover the little and big secrets of Rome.