Harry Potter London
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Some Harry Potter fans have probably already asked themselves this question: Is it all just fiction or do the picturesque and magical places from the films really exist? Strolling through the corridors of #hogwarts, exploring the lands of the old castle and strolling through the shops of Diagon Alley - We got all you need to know to plan an epic Harry Potter London vacation.

Our Highlights

Platform 9 3/4

Here begins the exciting journey of the young sorcerer's apprentice Harry, because Platform 9 ¾ is the secret access to the famous Hogwarts Express for all members of the magical community. Between Platform 9 and 10 you'll find a small "memorial" at Kings Cross station today for all those who would like to pretend to walk through the enchanted wall with their baggage car. A visit is worthwhile, there is also a very original fan shop next door, which inevitably reminds of the Ollivanders shop in Diagon Alley.

Palace Theatre

Nine years after the last Harry Potter band, fans could hold a new story from the world-famous magic world in their hands. "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" was released on 31 July 2016. This time it was not a novel, but the script of a play that premiered the day before at the Palace Theatre in London and has been performed there ever since. The Harry Potter books and films were successful all over the world. Accordingly, the theatre tickets are in high demand, so make sure you buy the tickets in advance. Alternatively, you have the chance to get tickets at the "Friday Forty" promotion. Every Friday at 13:00 British time, 40 tickets for the coming week will be available for a total of 40 pounds. However, it seems that you have to use a Felix Felicis potion to get it. 

Leadenhall Market

If you have paid special attention to "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", the shop with the address "41 Bull's Head Passage" should remind you of the entrance to the dripping cauldron and thus the magician's shopping mile. But the Leadenhall Market also invites you to linger, because with its quaint alleys and small shops, you feel as if you are already in the middle of #diagonalley.

Harry Potter Studios London

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is where the actors and crew spent 10 years filming scenes from the various #harrypotter movies. You'll learn a ton about what went into make the films from how special effects and costumes were created to how the animal actors were trained. Of course, it's a perfect place to try buttterbeer and butterbeer ice cream and shop for great Harry Potter souvenirs.