A Weekend In Bath
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The city of #bath is unique and has been recognised as a World Heritage Site because of its unique character. The Roman baths above the unique natural #hotsprings beneath the city have been attracting visitors since ancient times and are still a must on every visit to Bath today. After all, some of the best reasons to visit Bath include thousands of years worth of #history, exquisite #architecture around almost every street corner, and plenty of great dining opportunities. The city is also home to many offbeat and unusual activities. Bath is a very popular #familydestination, with famous landmarks from Britain's history and entertainment for the whole family.

What you should keep in mind

Bath can be a pretty pricey city and so it can be more than a little tricky to find an affordable place to stay if you’re wanting to make a weekend of your visit. However, if you opt to stay a little outside the heart of the historic centre, then prices become much more reasonable.

The UK and the Republic of Ireland, as well as Cyrpus, use different plugs from the USA or mainland Europe etc.. What this means is that you’ll probably need a travel adaptor. 

The best way to get around Bath is on your own two feet. The city is relatively compact, with most of the attractions within a short walking distance of one another. The location of Bath means that it couldn’t be easier to combined a visit to the city with a trip to the nearby and beautiful Area, the Cotswolds. Though Bath itself can be explored without a car, you’ll probably want to rent one if you’re looking to enjoy small Cotswold settlements.

What to do in Bath

Experience pure #english culture in the pump room of the Roman baths with a cup of tea brewed from the pure spring water of Bath. The Pulteney Bridge over the river Avon is an important landmark of Bath and always worth a visit. The shops on both sides of the bridge form a very unusual sight!

The Royal Crescent, a crescent shaped terrace of 18th century Georgian style townhouses, is another highlight. One of the houses has been restored to its original state to give an insight into the life of Bath 200 years ago.

Bath also has many modern attractions to offer. The shops, bars, hotels and restaurants combine modern architecture with traditional elegance in the most pleasant way. You can rent bicycles for the whole family and explore the idyllic Avon River, or relax in the luxury of the Thermal Bath spa facilities.