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Crete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and attracts many holidaymakers every year. Whoever visits #crete will be enchanted by the #greek joie de vivre, the lovable people, the fragrant island herbs and the excellent #mediterranean cuisine.

Crete offers beside picturesque bays with fine sand beaches, one of the most varied landscapes of the entire Greek island world. Gigantic mountain massifs, deep canyons, lush plateaus and dense coniferous forests alternate with the turquoise blue sea. 

Crete is one of the most popular destinations in #europe. But the largest #greekisland is not only a paradise for #relaxing holidays on the beach. All this is complemented by a millennia-old history, numerous culturally valuable sights of ancient Greece and the impressive Minoan culture. Especially for the historians among you and all who are interested in ancient Greece, the sights on Crete are a real Eldorado. But Crete also has great sights for #hikers and active holidaymakers: The Samaria Gorge, for example, is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Crete. 

Find out which sights you shouldn't miss on Crete!


Palace of Knossos

The palace is the most important archaeological site of the island. The Minoan palace was the ancient centre of the island. Due to the volcanic eruption on Santorini, as well as earthquakes and human destruction, only ruins remain today. Some buildings and wall paintings were reconstructed in the course of the years. In the summer it can become very hot and full on the plant. We therefore recommend a visit in the morning around 8:00 am. We recommend a professional guide on site to get the best possible overview of the complex itself and the Minoan culture.

Arkadi Monastery near Rethymnon

The Arkadi Monastery near Rethymnon is a peaceful place with a harrowing history. The former orthodox monastery from the 14th century is the most important national monument of Crete.  Here the uprising against the occupation of the Ottoman Empire began around 1866, which ended in a devastating battle on 9 November 1866, claiming hundreds of lives.

Coastal city of Chania with Venetian port

Besides historical buildings and natural phenomena, you will also find numerous beautiful places and ports on Crete that delight the eye. One of these places is the charming coastal town of Chania with its lively Venetian port. It is a must-see in your Crete holiday!

Samaria Gorge

The gorge is a tourist highlight on the island of Crete and with over 17 kilometres one of the longest gorges in Europe. Up to 4,000 people make a daily pilgrimage through the Samaria Gorge. In spring the 16 km long hike through the blooming vegetation is particularly beautiful.

If you want to avoid the mass rush, we recommend to start before 7:00 or after 12:00 o'clock. In midsummer you should avoid the hike through the Samaria Gorge because of the strong heat. 


The small island of Spinalonga is located off the coast of Plaka in Crete. In the 16th century a mighty fortress was built here by the Venetians. Around 1903 a colony for lepers was built on the island. With the invention of antibiotics, the leper colony was dissolved around 1957. Daily day trips go on the historical island. You can still see the old fortress as well as several houses.

Are you now just as taken with Crete as we are and you absolutely want to spend your next holiday here? Then don't hesitate for long, because the just described sightseeings on Crete are by far not all that the biggest Greek island has to offer you. Best you take a rental car and explore Crete on your own!