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Santorini is and remains a classic among the #greekislands. Even more, #santorini is experiencing a real hype lately. The beautiful houses, the infinity pools and the blue domes can be seen more and more in the social media channels. But Santorini is not only fascinating since social media, also many years ago people all over the world dreamed of the island in the south of the #cyclades. No wonder, as the small volcanic island has so much to offer: black beaches, azure blue water and dazzling white houses can be found on the paradisiacal island.

Tourist areas

#fira or Thera is the capital of Santorini and also the island is called so. Thera is, beside Oia, probably the most visited city of the island. The island capital is a popular destination in the #mediterranean area, as there is everything a traveler desires here. Sun, beach and sea, but also a charming harbour, picturesque alleys and typical Greek taverns.

The special thing about #thera is undoubtedly its location. The harbour city is located on a 400 meters high volcanic crater. On a holiday in Thera you can enjoy the breathtaking postcard view with the snow-white houses and blue roofs on the edge of a cliff.

In Thera also the whole cruise ships moor, which is why there can be a lot going on here. Also the many tourist boats to the volcano or Oia leave from there. From the harbour, one gets into the city either by a long and steep walk or with a gondola (approx. 6€). 

The coastal village of Oia, next to the capital Fira, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Santorini. You long to get rid of your everyday worries and just relax? Then #oia is the place for you! The village is the perfect resort for a romantic couple holiday in Greece. After filling your stomach with delicious Greek specialties, you can take a long walk through the dreamy village at sunset.

But families will also feel at home in a holiday in Oia. The coastal town is much quieter than many other holiday resorts in Greece.


The beautiful village of Imerovigli lies on a crater in the north-west of Santorini and at the same time forms the highest point of the crater rim. This is the reason why Imerovigli is one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in Santorini. Enjoy the view over the white houses and the wide, deep blue sea. By the way, the village is the perfect starting point for an extensive hiking tour along the crater rim.

Imerovigli is located only 2 kilometres from the island capital, which is why a day trip to Thera, or the other way around, is a must. A holiday on Santorini in Imerovigli is the right thing for all those who are looking for peace and relaxation far away from the tourist strongholds.


In the southeast of Santorini lies Perissa, the resort par excellence. The beaches of Perissa are known for their black colour, which is due to the volcanic origin of the island. If you are planning to spend a beach holiday on Santorini, it is best to come to Perissa. The beaches have the blue flag, which is a sign of the high quality of the water. For this reason and because of the optimal weather conditions, Perissa is the hotspot for all water sports enthusiasts on Santorini. Families are also welcome on the beaches of Perissa. A holiday on Santorini in Perissa is therefore suitable for beach nixies and water rats of all ages. 


Near Perissa lies the equally popular resort of Kamari. As in Perissa, the majority of the bays in Kamari are covered with black sand and gravel, making them a real eye-catcher. Also worth seeing during a holiday in Kamari is the ancient town of Alt-Thera on the Mesa Vouno mountain. The hobby researchers and history enthusiasts among you will be thrilled by the ancient ruins. The wine in Kamari is highly praised by connoisseurs, which is why a wine tasting is mandatory in any case.

In contrast to many other Greek islands, Santorini is more relaxed and prudent. This is appreciated by many parents seeking peace and quiet. Those who spend a #familyholiday in Santorini will be delighted by the many family-friendly beaches that have been awarded the blue flag for their excellent water quality.

Santorini also has numerous holiday resorts and accommodations that offer a colourful programme even for the youngest guests.