Road Trip Through Portugal
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Portugal may not have gained as much popularity as its Iberian neighbour from Spain when it comes to travelling. But in view of its numerous golden sandy #beaches, fascinating and winding cobbled cities, a #pulsating nightlife in the metropolises of Lisbon, Porto and Co. and a delicious #food culture, the westernmost state of Europe should become one of the top destinations on the Atlantic in the near future. You ask yourself why?

Our Highlights

Setúbal & Tróia Peninsula - While the small harbour town of #Setúbal - pronounced "shtoobal" - invites you to take a leisurely stroll and eat delicious #seafood, most of the action takes place at the gates of the city, where pine-covered hills and steep coastal landscapes characterise the landscape. But the real highlights are the Tróia Peninsula with its dreamlike white sandy beaches (for example Beach Comporta) and densely overgrown #pine forests as well as the Parque Natural de Arrábida, which is unparalleled in its beauty: The white #limestone cliffs, the deep blue sea and the green #vegetation create a picturesque impression. In addition, the Macchia - an extremely rare, anthropogenic, evergreen bush formation - can be found in the nature park. And if that's not enough for you, you should definitely look out for #dolphins and flamingos on the ferry crossing from Setúbal to Tróia.

Lisbon - Hardly any other city in Portugal has so much to offer as Lisbon. The seven hills alone, from whose vantage points you can catch a fantastic #view over the city, are worth a trip to the Portuguese capital. Relax at the numerous water #terraces and eat some freshly caught seafood, "Bacalhau" - a traditional cod dish - and the famous pudding tartlets "Pastéis de Nata" in the restaurants of Alfama. The districts of Baixa and Rossio invite you to take a walk and #relax. Use the "Elevador de Santa Justa" in Baixa and reach the higher #shopping district of Chiado with the 45 metre high passenger elevator. Those who like to #celebrate should keep their eyes open for #bars and #clubs in the districts of Bairro Alto, Santa Catarina and Cais do Sodré. Finally, don't forget to visit the Belém Tower, one of the city's most famous landmarks and one of the few buildings that survived the great earthquake of 1755.