Portugal (North&Central)
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It's hard to deny: Those who think of holiday in #Portugal, first and foremost have the pulsating capital Lisbon, the beaches and the sea at the Algarve and thus the south of the republic in mind. As Portugal's historical cradle, it is even more important to pay attention to the #north of Portugal. The north side of the country has a lot to offer with its inspiring cities around Porto and Braga, its profound #history and last but not least its varied and overwhelming landscape with mountains, waterfalls, gorges and many beautiful small villages.

Our Highlights

Porto - With around 240,000 inhabitants, Porto is the second largest city in the country and also gives its name to the republic. The #harbour city on the northern bank of the Duoro River is a hot spot: as the birthplace of the famous port wine, an extensive #wine tasting and subsequent immersion in Porto's extremely tasty and varied #food scene is recommended. Enjoy a breathtaking #view of the city in the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, Portos Botanical Garden on a hill. Stroll along the half-timbered arched bridge Ponte Dom Luis I and look at the #Duoro from a height of 60 metres or alternatively take your walk to the sea and cross the Paseio Alegre garden. Marvel at the Igreja do Carmo, a Baroque #church from the end of the 17th century, and its gilded wood carvings and tile paintings. But above all, don't forget to order a hot drink in one of the many #cafes in the #colourful port city and simply let Porto's relaxed and unagitated atmosphere take effect on you - perhaps even in Café Majestic, where Joanne K. Rowling is said to have written the first chapters of her novel about a famous young magician and his search for the Philosopher's Stone.

Coimbra - With around about 100.000 inhabitants less than Porto, there is by no means less going on in Coimbra than in the port city located approximately 150 km north. Coimbra shines by its historical and at the same time #young and #lively mentality, which is in particular also due to the fact that approximately one fifth of the city population are #students. Portugal's oldest university is therefore one of the city's highlights. Of course, it is also an excellent place to go out and #celebrate in the trendy #clubs and #bars that have mainly settled around the Rio Mondego. Dark #cobblestones line the alleys in the center and a ring of old stone walls indicates the long #history of the city. Art lovers can also enjoy a large collection of #sculptures, paintings and textiles in one of Portugal's most important museums, the Machado de Castro National Museum.