Costa Rica
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Hardly any other country in the world stands so much for #biodiversity and species protection, #sustainability and progress as Costa Rica. More than one million #animal species live in the 50,000 square kilometre state - of which more than 25 percent is protected - in #harmony with people and nature. The Peace Republic derives almost 100 percent of its electricity needs from #ecotourism and regenerative sources and abolished its army in 1948 in favor of promoting education and health programs. And as if that wasn't great enough, #Costa Rica also has a multitude of beautiful #beaches and national parks, caves and volcanoes as well as a delicious and fresh #food culture and, due to its small size, can be visited and explored very quickly at the same time. A fascinating country, which makes the hearts of outdoor travellers and nature lovers beat faster!

Our Highlights

Manuel Antonio National Park - The beauty and diversity of this national #park on the Pacific coast is second to none: Capuchin monkeys are climbing through the densely overgrown #rainforest, coral reefs tempt you to snorkel and #dive and there are white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea water as far as the eye can see. Simply amazing!

Montezuma - The perfect place for #yoga enthusiasts, water rats and all those who want to give something back to Mother Nature and stand up for the protection of species. The snow-white beaches near the 500-people village attract bathing and surfing enthusiasts, while hikers can take a trip to the Montezuma #waterfalls or the Cabo Blanco nature reserve south of #Montezuma. Travellers who want to do something good for the environment can go to the rainforest to collect plastic or travel further east to Isla Tortuga in order to protect turtles.