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Hardly any country in Southeast Asia is so famous for its immaculate sandy #beaches and turquoise sea, its varied, healthy and incomparable #cuisine and its richly decorated golden Buddha temples as #Thailand. Dreamlike (party-) islands, numerous national parks, where it is brimming with biodiversity and #jungle feeling and the urban flair of Bangkok, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, are only a part of what awaits you on your trip to Thailand. By the way: The good-hearted and friendly inhabitants of Thailand are very happy, when you try to learn their #language and thank them for their services and gifts with a  "khob khun kha" (if you are a woman) or "khob khun krab" (if you are a man). 

Our Highlights

Bangkok - Not only since the chaotic second part of the crazy comedy series "Hangover" Thailand's capital with its more than eight million inhabitants is regarded as one of the most #bizarre and craziest, but also most inspiring and #fascinating metropolises in the world. Splendid and religious buildings like the world famous #Buddhist temple Wat Pho coexist with #Muay-Thai fights in the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium or even the crazy, indecent Ping Pong shows in the numerous bars of the big city. Nearly every corner of #Bangkok smells of delicious soups, rice dishes and the famous #saté skewers (grilled meat skewers in a spicy peanut sauce), so that you will feel like in the seventh food heaven and probably never want to stop trying various #dishes. Also absolutely recommendable are the numerous #markets of Bangkok, especially for example the beautiful Khlong Thom Night Market, which overflows with kinky, but also valuable and beautiful souvenirs and on which it is possible - as actually at every corner in Bangkok - to dine fantastically. Khaosan Road is the perfect place for those who would like to connect with like-minded travellers and #backpackers and who want to really get up and running in Thailand's capital. But always be careful when #celebrating, because as the famous pop song by Murray Head from the 1980s says: "One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble"...

Ko Tao, Ko Samui & Ko Pha-ngan - Ko Phi Phi on the west coast of the country and its counterpart, the island of Ko Pha-ngan, located in the Gulf of Thailand, are world-famous for their two activities, which extend beyond all national borders: #Diving and celebrating. Ko Pha-ngan in particular has made a name for itself once a month with its legendary #Full #Moon Parties and attracts thousands and thousands of tourists and backpackers every year to #dance off their feet until the early hours of the morning. But the two #islands are not only perfect for celebrating with like-minded people, the surrounding waters also invite to excessive snorkeling and diving. By the way: If you have not yet completed a diving license in your home country, you can easily make up for it on site, usually for considerably less money.

The Trang Islands: Ko Libong, Ko Muk & Ko Kradan - On the other hand, if you want to avoid mass tourism and the excessive celebration mentality on Ko Phi Phi and Ko Pha-ngan, you should feel comfortable on the so-called #Trang-islands Ko Muk, Ko Kradan and Ko Libong in the south of Thailand. The beaches and waters are in no way inferior in beauty to those of those party islands. At the same time, fewer tourists and backpackers overflow the islands, which makes for a decelerated and #relaxed atmosphere. Diving and snorkelling are also possible from here, but especially in the Thai Gulf there are more animal species to discover. The Trang-Islands therefore can be described as a kind of "light-version" of Ko Phi Phi and Ko Pha-ngan, on which the relaxation in a #hammock at the rushing sea is clearly in the foreground.


Khao Sok National Park - Evergreen #rainforests, dramatic #limestone formations, roaring sounds of thousands and thousands of bird and monkey species, the #cloudless starry sky while lying on your back in the water, and then spending the night in floating huts on a lake. Sounds like a #dream? But this is reality in the beautiful Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand. The nature reserve can be explored in many different ways (on foot, by boat or even on the back of an elephant) and offers its visitors a dense, #untouched jungle where rhinoceros birds, gibbons and even tigers live. 739 square kilometres of pure #nature and no mobile phone network far and wide guarantee relaxation in harmony with nature... at the latest when you spend the night in one of the many small, sweet wooden huts in the middle of Cheow Lan Lake, which also belongs to the national park.