Indonesia Roundtrip
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Are you looking for unexplored #jungle landscapes, white sandy #beaches and #crystal clear water? You don't want to miss spectacular #waterfalls and partly still active #volcanoes as well as an almost infinite variety of species and cultures? Indonesia, the world's largest island state with more than 17,000 islands, has so many fascinating things about it that it almost kills you: free-living #orangutans, which shimmy through the numerous jungle areas, dreamlike bathing spots, which tempt you to go #diving and #snorkeling, exciting monuments from days long gone and last but not least the almost endless #hiking possibilities make the state with the largest number of Muslims in the world an absolute #paradise for backpackers, nature and culture enthusiasts as well as bathing beauties. Don't even look any further, your next dream destination is definitely called Indonesia! 

Our Highlights

Yogyakarta - The #cultural centre of #Java, if not all of Indonesia, attracts with its #hip, #young and artistic flair and an almost endless number of lively #markets. Street art in rough quantities, numerous shops and shopping malls as well as many small coffee shops and restaurants adorn the cityscape and attract #art lovers and shopping enthusiasts. An absolute must is also a day trip to the two largest Buddhist and Hindu buildings in the world, the #Borobudur and #Prambanan. 

Bromo & Ijen - About 350 kilometres east of #Yogyakarta, near the eighth largest city in the country, Malang, Mount #Bromo is one of two extraordinary highlights of the country just waiting to be climbed by adventurous hikers. In the midst of a moon-like crater landscape, one of the largest and most impressive #volcanoes in Indonesia rises at an altitude of almost 2400 metres. Besides the ascent to Mt Bromo, it is also worth taking the #sunrise early in the morning and watching the huge wafts of mist and ash as they disappear piece by piece.

A good 200 kilometres away from Mt Bromo is the #Ijen Plateau with its incomparably beautiful and fascinating #sulphur lake Kawah Ijen. Be sure to join a night hike to the #lake to celebrate the blue fires of the sulphur waters and the breathtaking scenery around it, you will definitely not regret it!

Lombok - Lombok is already affectionately called the "little brother of Bali" by many - and quite rightly so. Just like its bigger sibling, the #island, which covers around 4,725 km², offers numerous hiking opportunities and incredibly beautiful sandy beaches as well as crystal blue sea areas - but without appearing as touristy and crowded as Bali. Lombok also serves as a hub for a trip to the popular Sunda Island destinations of #Flores and #Komodo as well as the paradisiacal #Gili Islands - a small group of islands that is considered one of the most popular diving and snorkeling spots in Java and is home to numerous protected sea #turtles. Trekking enthusiasts should also make sure to climb Rinjani, the second highest volcano in the country at 3726 metres. The brilliant view of the volcano's crater lake definitely outweighs the - admittedly not easy and challenging - ascent.