Instagrammable Bali
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Hardly any other place on earth has served so often as a photo motif as the Indonesian #paradise island of Bali in the Indian Ocean. The instagrammable resources on this popular #yoga and meditation island are almost inexhaustible. Whether you're looking for spiritual temples, lush green rice terraces, dramatic waterfalls, forested volcanic mountains or velvet beaches of crystal clear water for your next #Instagram image, you're sure to find what you're looking for on #Bali!

Some of the Highlights

Hidden Hills Wanagiri & Bali Swing - Perhaps the most popular and currently very trendy #selfie spot in northern Bali, offering you an unforgettable #view over the beautiful nature and texture of the island. All along the way there are bamboo platforms, nests to sit on or #swings from which you can shoot the perfect selfie or the ultimate Bali photo. Probably best known is the swing that started it all: The famous Bali Swing in #Ubud, which is located in the garden of an Airbnb location. However, the host now takes a decent amount of money as an entrance fee, so there are certainly cheaper alternatives on your trip through the #Wanagiri Hidden Hills.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace - Hardly any trip to Bali is really complete without having visited and photographed at least once the famous #rice terraces. Only a few minutes drive from Ubud are the picturesque #Tegallalang Rice Terraces with their characteristically lush green landscape, rope slides and - once again -  a variety of swings from which the ultimate Bali Instagram photo can be taken. The best time to visit the #terraces is in the early morning hours to escape the tourist crowds and shoot a great image of the famous sunrise point.

Bali Handara Gate - The Bali Handara Gate is nowadays also one of the most popular Instagram motifs on Bali. In Hinduism, the traditional Balinese #gate originally symbolizes the entrance from the outside world into a #sacred place. Ironically, however, the Bali Handara Gate is only the entrance to a golf resort. Nevertheless, the archway with its surrounding evergreen nature and the hills around is an absolute top pick for your Instagram shots.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple - Just about five minutes away from Bali Handara Gate is this beautiful #Hindu water temple, where the temple buildings with several roofs on top of each other lie in the middle of the lake and are reflected in the #water against an awe-inspiring mountain backdrop. A truly breathtaking scenery that you should definitely capture for all your followers.

Balangan Beach - Perhaps one of the most beautiful beach spots to capture the perfect #sunset. From the Balangan Beach Viewpoint, you can take beautiful pictures of the Indian Ocean waves crashing onto the cliff edges. By the way, the beach is one of the top #surfing beaches in Bali and attracts especially the #young audience.

Sekumpul Waterfall - There are many rushing and enchanting #waterfalls on Bali like the Nungnung Waterfall, the Banyuamal Twin Waterfalls or the Leke Leke Waterfall. However, the most famous and at the same time most beautiful waterfall is located in the north of Bali and is called Air Terjun Sekumpul or better said: #Sekumpul Waterfall. The highest and largest waterfall in Bali makes a #breathtaking picture from the higher viewing platforms as well as at the river bottom, not to mention the awesome deafening rustling and splashing of the waterfall itself. Once at the bottom of the waterfall, there is the opportunity to #swim and take a variety of great selfies with the waterfall as a background motif.