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Fairy chimneys, hot air balloons, cave hotels, and moon-like landscapes. Cappadocia is a true fairytale land, which impresses with its unique beauty and history. Millions of years ago tuff ash was deposited here, which was pushed into the air by volcanic eruptions. In different colours and degrees of hardness, several new layers were formed. Wind and weather washed out the soft material and the harder one remained. This natural process once created breathtaking valleys with so-called fairy chimneys. The ones that make you feel like you're in a fairyland. If Cappadocia is still not yet on your bucket list, what more can you ask for?

When is the best time to visit Cappadocia?

Although Cappadocia is a year-round destination, the best months to visit Cappadocia are April, May, September, and October if you want the most pleasant weather and the highest chances of getting on a hot air balloon flight. The hottest months are from June to August, and the hot temperatures bring in crowds and high prices. If you want to see Cappadocia enveloped in snow, then you better book a flight for February. The month with the least number of tourists is December.

Where to stay

The sights in Cappadocia are all in different villages. Therefore it is important to live in a central and good location.

We recommend you Göreme, Uchisar, Ürgüp, Cavusin or Ortahisar, because from the villages you can reach all the interesting places in Cappadocia the fastest. Here you will also find the best cave hotels. On weekends the hotels in the villages are often fully booked, in this case, Avanos is a good alternative.

Cappadocia's special feature: Balloonflight! Up to 150 hot-air balloons ascend daily at sunrise! A unique experience, with a fascinating view of Cappadocia and the opportunity to see the sunrise several times in one day!

Further highlights

Uchisar Fortress

A Roman fortress carved into the rock on one of the highest points in Cappadocia, with a wonderful view.

Göreme National Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site with dozens of cave churches, among the most beautiful in Cappadocia!


The cave village, only abandoned in the 50s, is today an open-air museum.

and many more!