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The scent of tea and mocha in picturesque street cafés, the hustle and bustle of traditional bazaars - Istanbul is far more than the gateway between the Orient and Occident. The city on the Bosporus is one of the most beautiful and exciting metropolises in the world! #istanbul is the right place for those who want to enjoy a lot of #culture, good food and eventful #history. Many historical buildings, over 3,000 mosques, souvenir shops, culinary specialities and the incomparable Ottoman #architecture - you will find all this here in Istanbul. And to make sure you know what hotspots are waiting for you and what you shouldn't miss, we've put together some of Istanbul's best sights.

Hagia Sophia

There are countless mosques in Istanbul. Many of them have now set up smaller museums in the outbuildings to give an insight into the time of the Ottomans. The most famous mosque is the Hagia Sophia, which was originally a Byzantine church and has now been completely converted into a museum.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is located directly opposite the Hagia Sophia and is one of the most famous buildings in Istanbul and of course a popular photo subject. Actually it is called Sultan Ahmed Mosque, but in the vernacular it is called Blue Mosque because of the blue and white tile decorations. The mosque was built from 1609 to 1616 and belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Topkapi Palace

For several centuries the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul was the administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire and the residence and seat of government of the sultans. Between 1465 and 1830 the Topkapi Palace was not only the administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire, but also the place where the sultans enjoyed themselves with their beautiful concubines.

Because of their extraordinary beauty, they were known beyond the borders of their country. The pretty lovers, however, were never allowed to be Muslim women (because the Islamic faith forbids that), but often came from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. 

From the terrace of the Topkapi Palace you have a breathtaking view over the metropolis Istanbul, whose landmarks like the Hagia Sophia form the skyline of the city.

The Cisterna Basilica

Or the "sunken palace". In late antiquity numerous cisterns were used for water supply, such as the Cisterna Basilica. By the way, this cistern bears its name because a large basilica once stood above it. It has a capacity of around 80,000 cubic metres and was intended to store and provide water from the Belgrade Forest for the palace. Nowadays it is of course no longer used for this purpose and you can watch it daily from 9:00 to 17:30. Especially on hot days the cool sunken palace is very pleasant.

These and many more highlights await you on your journey to Istanbul!