Costa Rica - Round Trip
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Costa Rica is a dream destination for many. The small country between the Pacific coast and the rough Atlantic Ocean - often also called the "Switzerland of Central America" - has unique tropical nature, which is protected and preserved by countless national parks (over 30!). Nowhere else is the diversity of species greater in such a small area.

#costarica is the perfect place to explore the country on your own with a rental car! And it has a lot to offer its visitors: adventurous #jungle excursions, #wildlife watching, relaxing on fantastic beaches, encounters with warm, cheerful people and pure #adventure on a canopy or rafting tour.

#sanjose - Here you can talk about the weather, life and everything that goes with it over a delicious cup of coffee. In former times the city was rather grey and hardly any traveller stayed here longer. Today San José is really colorful thanks to the many Street Art in some quarters, more and more new hip shops open and in the evening people dance together to cool beats in the parks - just "Pura Vida"!

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a small town on the #caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is located in the province of Limón near the border with Panama. Although #puertoviejo is very touristy, it is still very quiet. Puerto Viejo is especially popular with #backpackers, as there are many bungalows or cheap rooms in small hotels. You can get a bed in a hostel for just a few dollars. 

Unfortunately, the beach in Puerto Viejo itself is not very bathing friendly, as there are many rocks in the water that can only be walked over with shoes. Therefore, it is recommended to visit another #beach nearby. For example Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva or Manzanillo. Also worth seeing is Playa Negra, the beach with almost completely black sand.

Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is becoming an increasingly popular region for #ecotourism for those who want to take advantage of the diversity of Costa Rica. The place is a true highlight for connoisseurs & adventurers. It is located in a particularly fertile region of Costa Rica and is known for the cultivation of bananas, cocoa and coffee. If that's not enough action for you, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure.

La Fortuna is thanks to the #volcano Arenal one of the most famous destinations in Costa Rica. With over one million visitors per year, the place attracts a lot of tourists today. #lafortuna is known for the best #outdoor adventures. Here you can make various beautiful excursions to the national park or #waterfall Arenal and activities like canyoning and get to know the country from its most beautiful side.

Monteverde was one of the first tourist destinations in Costa Rica to be discovered and explored in the 1980s, when the Costa Rican tourism industry was still under construction. It is influenced by both Pacific weather and the humid climate of the northern region, creating a unique habitat for species of flora and fauna, some of which can only be found here. One of the most important attractions are of course the #monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena Reserve.

When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a #tropical climate. The best time to visit Costa Rica is the dry season between December and April, which is called "verano" in Costa Rica.  However, dry does not mean that it does not rain at all, but it does not rain so often. In May, the rainy season begins, which is often called the "green season" in Costa Rica. Of course, the advantage of the "green season" is that in certain areas one escapes the tourist turmoil and also the hotels are cheaper. 

If you want to observe animals in the wild, you should orient your travel time according to the animals' calendar: on the Caribbean coast (e.g. in the Tortuguero National Park) you can observe #turtles laying their eggs between March and October, whereby July and August are the best months. Bird lovers will be overwhelmed throughout the year by the number of different species, with the magnificent Quetzal best seen between November and April.

What you should keep in mind

Always have a raincoat at hand because it can rain all over the country even in the so-called "dry season", and a windproof jacket, especially for the cooler highlands, is just right.

When renting a car, you should note that some roads in Costa Rica are unpaved, so even shorter distances can take longer. Plan this time and try to avoid driving in the dark. A car with all-wheel drive is recommended.