Great Ocean Road
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America has #Route66, Australia has its Highway 100: the Great Ocean Road – myth, legend, adventure, freedom and everlasting width. Australia's most beautiful panoramic route starts at the surfers paradise #Torquay and winds along the way of the coast line to Port Campbell which awaits you with almost unbelievable natural spectacles that have been formed over centuries.

Take your time, enjoy spectacular views, explore small coastal towns and discover the animal and plant world as well as the awesome world famous limestone foundations. 

These are some of our highlights: 


Torquay, the start of your tour, is all about #surfing! Torquay is the location of the Australian National Surfing Museum, as well as the famous Bells Beach, a surfers paradise. Bells Beach is the place where the world's longest continuously running pro surfing competition #RipCurlProBellsBeach is being hosted. Watch the pros catch awesome waves or you might even try to learn surfing yourself. Stop by at Strapper Surf Surf City Torquay and grab your own board! 


Anglesea, a small town 15 kilometers west of Torquay, offers you a small nature experience on the way along the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is famous for its beautiful beaches and for the many local flora and fauna, including rare species of #orchids and other rare flowers that are in full bloom in spring. It is definitely worth a visit on your way. Moreover, this stop of your trip offers something special for everyone with a sweet tooth. Close to Anglesea the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery welcomes you with freshly made pastries, desserts and artisan #icecreams. They have a showroom filled with thousands of their delicious items. #Yummy! 

Port Campbell

The #PortCampbellNationalPark is famous for its unique limestone formations like the Gibson Steps, caused by natural erosion.

The Twelve Apostles are limestone cliffs up to 60 metres high, standing in the sea and an iconic landmark of the region. Sunrise and sunset make the rocks glow in the surf. An truly amazing play of nature. They are for sure one of the greatest highlights of the Great Ocean Road tour.

The London Arch is a natural limestone rock arch in the Port-Campbell National Park in Australia and very close to the great ocean road. The rock was eroded by natural erosion, so that it formed a double arch until 1990. This formation reached up to the coast and was called London Bridge because of its appearance.

This region is mostly known because of its unique limestone formations above the sea level…but there is something hiding below the surface of the everlasting ocean. The Arches Marine Sanctuary is a 19 to 25 labyrinth of towering limestone canyons, caves, arches and walls 19 to 25 meters below the water surface.

The under water foundation is the optimal habitat for brilliantly coloured seaweeds and sponges which grow here. Are you ready for an awesome #diving adventure?