Instagrammable NYC
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A city trip to New York can be many things, but certainly not boring! New York is rightly considered the city that never sleeps. There really is something interesting to discover for every taste. The “Big Apple” is jam-packed with famous landmarks, colorful cafes and beautiful viewpoints. You could take a picture anywhere in New York and you’ll have that city charm, but the following spots are a mix of crowd favorites like Top of the Rock and more under the radar spots!

How long should you stay?

Some find a short trip with four days is enough to get a good overview. Others even find two weeks too short. Whatever you decide, let it be said to you: Get out of your head to want to see everything, because you won't be able to do that...not even in two weeks.

So we recommend you spend at least five days in New York. Here, however, the longer the better. New York is incredibly big and alone in a neighborhood like Brooklyn or Manhattan you could easily last five days. Nevertheless you should be able to see the most important sights in five days.

These are some of the spots you can find in our New York City Instagram Guide

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of NYC’s most famous sights and that in itself makes it one of the best Instagram spots in NYC! It’s a world famous bridge that connects Brooklyn to lower Manhattan. You can either head up onto the Brooklyn Bridge to take your photos, or catch a view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance. 

Tip: Obviously popular by demand, this location gets flocked with tourists so arrive early for less of a crowd and beautiful lighting.

Possible Locations

  • Washington Street
  • Head to the waterfront for views of both Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge to get photos of the beautiful skyline.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, or Lady Liberty, is one of New York's most famous landmarks and definitely one of the best Instagram spots in NYC. The unofficial gateway to New York is a symbol of political freedom and democracy. The 46 meter high statue (without pedestal) attracts about 4 million visitors annually. In the pedestal there is a small museum and the visitors are allowed to enter the statue. After previous registration you can go up to the crown. 

L’Appartement Sezane

No Instagram trip to Soho is complete without a visit to L'Appartement Sezane, a French fashion boutique with a charming café inside.

But there are not only the most beautiful clothes and accessories, but also a charming floral façade that is seasonally updated.

Times Square

Times Square is the biggest tourist magnet in New York. Dozens of neon signs are enthroned on all sides and illuminate the "Crossroads of the world" even at night. The famous intersection pulsates with life. 

Tip: Escape the hustle and bustle and find a roof or terrace view of Times Square to get the perfect Instagram shot. Whether you're taking a picture from above or throwing yourself into the turmoil, Times Square is perfect for night shots with all its bright lights.

Flatiron Building

Enter 23rd Street and you’ll be struck with the awe inspiring Flatiron Building. Originally called The Fuller Building, it was completed in 1902 and was a groundbreaking skyscraper at that time. When it was built, it was one of the tallest buildings in all of NYC. It remains an iconic New York City structure due to it’s illusion to the eye- they don’t call it Flatiron for nothing. For the classic shot head to 23rd and Broadway.

If you don't have the travel fever yet, you'll be convinced by the other spots you'll find below!