Christmas In New York City
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#newyorkcity - no matter when you visit it, it will always blow your mind. But on the days before Christmas, this city has a very special flair. No city embodies the magic of Christmas quite like the Big Apple. It starts with the famous Christmas tree at #rockefellercenter and doesn't stop with skating in Bryant Park. We have put together a list for you for the ultimate Christmas in New York City:

See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Obvious, we know. But, would you go to Paris for the first time and not see the Eiffel Tower? Exactly. Quite possibly the most famous Christmas Tree, you’ve got go see the #rockefellertree. This tree is shown in many Christmas movie scenes, including "Home Alone 2". By the way, even when you talk about "the tree", the #Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center consists of several Christmas trees that are cleverly assembled into a large tree structure. If you stand directly in front of it, you can see the individual elements very well. But as soon as you move away, and you have to if you want to see it as a whole, the different elements blur together and the tree unfolds its full splendour.

Go Ice Skating

The Christmas magic at Rockefeller Center includes not only the most famous Christmas tree, but also the #skating rink, where couples, playing children, sportsmen and amused teenagers, whose eyes sparkle with joy as they compete with the Christmas decorations, can skate. Unfortunately the small rink is really expensive and comes with crowds and long lines. We would therefore suggest that you skate at #wollmanrink in #centralpark or at the Winter Village in #bryantpark. At Bryant Park, skating is free if you bring your own skates. 

Admire the Christmas Windows at the Department Stores

Touring the holiday-themed department store windows is a classic, New York City Christmas tradition. Department stores such as Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as the toy shop FAO Schwarz try to outbid each other with their decorations and to attract the shoppers to their shops. Visitors line up to see the most popular displays, especially in the early evening hours and on the weekend. Opposite the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, Saks Fifth Avenue presents a great light show several times a day with music that turns the facade of the shopping temple into a canvas.

See Christmas shows

New York City is packed with incredible #broadwayshows. If you want to stay with the Christmas theme, go to #radiocity for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. The short length of the show and the relaxed, easy-to-follow storyline also make it a fun family experience. And (Spoiler Alert!) they even have a live nativity scene at the end. If you're looking for something more classic, check out the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. But be sure to get tickets for both shows early!

See the Giant Christmas Ornaments and Lights

While the area in front of Rockefeller Center is famous for its decorations, with its large fir tree, many lights and larger-than-life nutcrackers, the area in front of #radiocityhall is less famous and yet beautiful. Here you will find oversized, illuminated Christmas decorations such as a huge string of lights or snowmobile-sized Christmas balls. The way there is also very Christmassy with trees decorated with fairy lights

Do you fancy New York in the pre-Christmas season now? Then a quick word about the weather: You can be unlucky and lucky with the weather at this time of year. The weather can vary between 15 degrees and sun or Snow Blizzards and a white Central Park. Good luck for the sun and maybe a magical white pre-Christmas!

When you're prepared and know how to make the most of your trip, you'll easily look back and remember your visit for the #joyful #holidayfeelings it stirred inside you.