North Of Scotland
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Ancient cliffs, untouched nature, sheep, clear and clean water, endless coastlines, tiny villages and small cities close to the rough sea. Northern Scotland! There are obvious highlights like #Glasgow and #Edinburgh which you have to visit for sure and are beautiful on their own but on this trip we want to show you another side of #Scotland and the rough North…or maybe it is not so rough after all? 

Some of the highlights: 


The Isle of #Skye is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides west of the Scottish #mainland in the Atlantic Ocean. It is famous for its iconic and unique rock formations like the #Quiraing, which was used as scenery for countless movies because of it’s natural beauty and stunning seemingly endless vastness or the popular Old Man of Storr, a 48-metre high rocky outcrop.

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens is an iconic part of scotland with a long history and tradition as it is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland and has been the residence of the Chiefs of clan #MacLeod for almost 800 years. It was originally designed as a fortress, you can delight yourself today in the beauty of its beautiful gardens or take a boat trip to see seal colonies at Loch Dunvegan or simply enjoy this peaceful and harmonic place.

Neist Point is a small peninsula on Skye and marks with ist famous Neist Point Lighthouse the most western point of the island. In addition to cute Scottish sheep, numerous seabirds can be observed at Neist Point and, with a little luck, seals, #dolphins and #whales, some of which swim directly under the mighty cliffs.



Beautiful untouched #Ullapool. Even the road to this place is amazing. There are only cows, lambs and sheeps at each side of the road. No cars, people or city noises. You are in the middle of nowhere and it feels amazing. Relax and rest in this small picture-perfect harbour city and enjoy some fresh and delicious #seafood from one of the local fishermen. To explore the region you may choose to go on a #hiking adventure to the top of the Beinn Ghobhlach, which is located close to the beautiful lake Loch Broom. The lake has an uninhabited island called Isle Martin, which used to be an old #monastery island and is a bird sanctuary nowadays.


The lovely #thurso is the most northerly town in mainland Scotland and traditional shops, cafes, bars and restaurants can be found here. Thurso station is the northernmost station within the British railway network. St Peter's Church near the harbour is famous for it‘s window, whose stone arch is made of one piece only and is considered the largest of its kind in the world. The history this place is similar to that of most places at the north coast. Thurso was in Nordic hands until about 1266 and was an extremely important Norwegian port. Atlantic water is flowing through the bay of Thurso a spectacular #untouched and wide bay which invites you to breathe the fresh air and rest for a moment. Close to Thurso is Wolfburn, the most northerly whisky distillery on the Scottish mainland. Wolfburn whisky has a unique taste and some say you will taste the north in their products.

High cliffs, rough sea and breathtaking views over Thurso and nearby Orkney, that is Holborn Head with it’s iconic lighthouse. This might be the purest form of the scottish north!