Costa Rica Ecotourism
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Costa Rica, the #PeaceRepublic, is known as being a driving force for #sustainability, #biodiversity, species protection and a steady improvement of the use of regenerative energy sources, education and health care. Did you know that Costa Rica derives close to 100 percent of its electricity needs from #ecotourism? You can explore this country, it’s beaches, the rainforest, volcanoes, cultural institutions and help them at the same time to take this process a step further. 

Lets see some of our trip highlights: 

El Toledo Coffee Tour in San José

The Toledo #coffee farm is a project that supports and encourages coffee production in harmony with the environment. They use only #natural resources to produce #organic coffee and minimize the impact on nature at the same time. It took them a few years to optimize the roasting and production process for this cause. And their coffee is the best we ever tried. Try it and be a part of their movement!

The Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve & the Santa Elena Reserve

Be part of the magical experience of the connection between nature and sustainable tourism in a unique forest that is dedicated to conservation, investigation and environmental education since 1972. With each tour you help the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve to go one step further on their journey to more #awareness for nature.

The Santa Elena Reserve is considerably less crowded than Monteverde and offers equally as nice #hiking trails and views for the visitors.

The Sirena Ranger Station in the Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park is home to a large population of animals, including many endangered species. Various species of monkeys, jaguars, #ocelots, #tapirs, anteaters, rare birds including the bright red macaws, amphibians such as the red-eyed tree frog, and of course many reptiles and insects. These animals need special protection in this safe hub. National Geographic described the park as one of the most species-rich places on earth.

The Sirena Ranger Station is the heart of the Corcovado National Park and can only be reached by foot by a several hour hike or by boat. You can even sleep in the station. Every donation is directly invested again to protect the animals. What an awesome #adventure for a good cause.