Croatia Road Trip
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Grab a few friends and start an #adventure. No bounds and the #freedom to go wherever you want. #Camping, sleeping under the stars visit new places, and meet awesome people, that is a #roadtrip! And which country could be better for such an adventure than #Croatia?

Here are some inspirations of where you could go: 

Plitvicer Lakes

Shout out to all the #outdoor and #nature lovers. This one is for you! #Plitvicerlakes is the oldest national park in south east Europe and the biggest one in Croatia. It is famous for it’s 16 unique lakes that are spread around the whole area, with four lakes of them being the lower lakes. All the lakes merge together in the famous #Korana river. Moreover, there are stunning, one of a kind #waterfalls like #VelikiSlap and #Kozjak which make this place seem like a #fairytale. Enjoy the various outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, kayaking or explore Plitvicer Lakes on the back of a horse. Adventure mode on!


Zadar is the oldest continuously-inhabited city of Croatia with earliest evidences of human life reaching back to the stone age. The countless decades this city has seen are reflected in the cultural, industrial, educational and architectual sides. Famous #churches like the Cathedral of St. Anastasia or the Church of St. Donatus, unique museums like the museum of ancient glass and busy #markets in the old town marking the long traditions of this city. Modern monuments like The greeting to the Sun represent the more recent periods of Zadar.


First of all: You have to visit this city!

Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the #Dubrovnik area from the top of the Srd Hill. You can reach the hill easily by using the famous Dubrovnik Cable Car, which was built in 1969 and was since then enthusiastically used by visitors. If you are a fan of the HBO series #GameofThrones you might recognize parts of Dubrovnik, as it was the imaginary city King’s Landing in the series. Outside of the city, about a 10-minute ferry ride away from Dubrovnik is the island #Lokrum. A majestic island full of #pines, olive trees and mighty #oaks with #beaches and hidden swimming spots.