Norway Round Trip
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God dag from the Kingdom of #Norway, land of the old #vikings, where time seems to be passing more slowly. There is much to see around the Polar Circle in the far North of Europe. Breathtaking natural beauty, historic architecture, hiking adventures, polar lights and the eternal ice of the arctic zone.

Join us on a Norway #Roundtrip.

One tip: If you travel in winter, bring a warm coat! 


Mighty #waterfalls like the #SevenSisters, abandoned houses high up in the steeply mountains, breathtaking panoramic views from several vantage points like Flydalsjuvet Rock. #Fishing, #kayaking, #hiking and #skiing, #climbing, fjord adventures, historic buildings...that is a lot for a small town like #Geiranger. The Geiranger landscapes are natural heritage sites and represented on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You have to see their beauty for yourself.


The Stavanger region is full of natural beauties. #Fjords, stunning sand #beaches and, of course, the world famous #Preikestolen. The Preikestolen is 604 metres above sea level and by far the most popular excursion destination within the region. Some describe it as the most breathtaking viewing platform in the world. We think they could be right.

The city centre of #Stavanger is compact and everything is easy to reach, you can explore most of the sights by foot. The old town and it’s district Gamle Stavanger offers the best preserved wooden house settlement in whole of Europe, consisting of more than 170 wooden white houses.


Bergen is the second largest city of Norway and the „door to the fjords“. This city has so much to offer: epic landscapes, fjords, mountains, modern architecture and culture, as well as a long tradition and history, as #Bergen once was a bureau city of the #HanseaticLeague. But Bergen is not only the door to the fjords, it is also the city of the seven mountains, as it is surrounded by seven iconic #mountains, Floyen mountain being the most famous one. Travel to the top with the #Fløibane, an electric funicular that pulls two cars back and forth between Fløyen and the town centre, with three intermediate stations. Maybe have an øl in Bergen’s probably most famous #pub Madam Felle afterwards?



Welcome to the north above the Polar Circle, welcome to #Tromsø. From May 17th to July 24th, the sun does not go down completely at night in Tromsø and there is no sunrise from November 27th to January 14th. But there are some other lights to see here. Experiencing the amazing one of a kind #northernlights in Tromsø will be something you will never forget in your life. Learn about polar science in the epic multimedia exhibitions of Polaria museum, book a husky sled tour through snow and arctic ice or maybe some whale watching in one of the fjords?