Greek Island Hopping
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When we think of #Greece we think of ancient #mythology, #hospitality, fun loving people, #gyros, and, of course, #ouzo. But Greece has so much more to offer. How about a journey across the islands of southern greece with a flashback to ancient times? With literally thousands of beautiful islands (there are around 6,000 islands and islets across the Aegean and Ionian Seas), each promising the holiday of a lifetime, you’d be crazy not to be looking at doing some island hopping.

Overall, there are six major clusters which are all a bit different from each other: The Sporades, the Ionian Islands, the North Aegean Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the Cyclades and Crete. We will provide a full itinerary for the Cyclades with everything you need to know to have the best time in Greece! The Cyclades are characterized by a rocky or volcanic landscape covered with little vegetation. You always find the pretty white houses and lots of super cute churches. 

There are different options on how to get to the Cyclades. You can either take a plane or a ferry. Most Islands are very close to each other, so you don´t need to spend a lot of time on a ferry or plane.

Here are some of the highlights


Piraeus was the chief harbor of ancient Greece and was founded in the early 5th century BC. Today, the port of #Piraeus is the second largest passenger #port in the world and among the top ten ports in container traffic in Europe. Besides famous archeological sites the city is also known for its museums and the Marina Zea bay, where the swim competitions of the first modern Olympic Summer Games 1896 were held.


Folegandros is the epitome of what traveling through the Greek Islands was like when cruise ships didn’t dominate the seas. Folegandros is perfect, if you’re looking for an island where locals and travelers mingle together in the central square and where you can spend a whole day at a beach without another person in sight. But the charming island of Folegandros is very small and if you’re going for anything other than relaxation, you might get disappointed.

Chora, los

Chora is the capital of the #Ios Island and charms you with it’s tiny roads, small houses and the iconic white windmills. To experience the sunset on one of the many hills of the island will take your breath away and will make you fall in love with this place. Trust us!


#Naxos is the largest island in the #Cyclades so there’s a lot to see and do here. The landscape ranges from gorgeous soft-sand beaches and rocky coastline to interior mountains and rolling farmlands. Visit the main town of Hora where you can visit The Portara which is the only remain of a former temple dedicated to Apollo. The view from here is incredible! Or hike to the summit of Mount Zeus, the highest point of the Cyclades. It takes around 1h30 to hike to the top. On the way uphill, pop by the cave on the mountain said to be the birthplace of Zeus. 


Mikonos, also called the „Island of the Winds", is notorious for its #nightlife and #party scene. But also fans of the #ancient greek mythology get their money’s worth here, as #Mikonos was the place of the so called #Gigantomachy, the battle between Zeus and the Giants, where a young man called Hercules defeated the invincible giants. What could be better than learning about this great battle while fighting your own hangover?


#Paros has everything you could want from a holiday in Greece – culture, romance, and nightlife. Furthermore this island is famous for one thing in particular: its #beaches! On Paros we would recommend a car if you want to fully discover the island. The things to do here are plentiful! Take your pick from a huge range of sight-seeing, adventure, and relaxing activities.