Andalusia Road Trip
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Andalusia, or for the unknowing: the south of Spain. But it is much more than the south of Spain! It is the port to another continent, #Africa. It does not matter if you are interested in #architecture, #history, #culture, #kitesurfing, natural beauty, #beaches, calm and relaxing #parks or the most #hospitable people…you will find everything here!

Our Highlights: 


Seville, capital of #Andalusia and the fourth biggest city of spain is famous for its old town, the Parque de Maria Luisa, the Plaza de Espana and it’s almost arabesque architecture.If you are around, you have to visit the wonderful green lung in the city center, the #ParquedeMariaLuisa and the probably most famous park in the Seville area. A peaceful and quiet place in a busy town. Fountains and palm trees lend the place an almost #arabesque ambience.

Cape Trafalgar

Another highlight for kite surfers: The #CapeTrafalgar. Strong winds on the Costa de la Luz favour #kitesurfing and make this place a kite surfing hot spot. The most prominent building on the cape is the 34-metre-high #lighthouse (51 metres above sea level), the faro de Cabo Trafalgar, built in 1860. Cape Trafalgar is also famous for Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, in which the British fleet under Admiral Nelson destroyed the united Spanish-French fleet and the british Admiral lost his life. The #TrafalgarSquare in London was named in memory of this event.


Tarifa, the southernmost city of Europe is only 14 kilometres away from the African continent at the Strait of #Gibraltar, which separates the two continents. Nowhere else are Europe and Africa closer together. The city is one of the world capitals for wind and #kitesurfing, playing in one league with Hoʻokipa in Hawaii and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). The area has some light-coloured fine sand #beaches like the #PlayadeslosLancesNorte. The fine sand reflects the sunshine and creates a glistening brightness that produces a #magical golden shimmer in the winter months. In contrast to the busy kite surfing beaches, there are also smaller #familyfriendly coves like the Playa Chica with a calm and shallow sea to relax and day dream.