Scottish Highlands
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Wow! The Scotland #Highlands. An area full of #medieval history, #castles, legends and some of the best #whiskey distilleries. Big cities like #Edinburgh and #Glasgow, lakes, mountains, small villages, where time seems to be standing still. But there might be some things you would not have thought about when thinking of the Scotland Highlands. Follow us on a special tour through the Scotland Highlands.


Deep #valleys and high mountains that is what #Glencoe is all about. It was formed centuries ago by #glaciers and #volcanoes. Glencoe village is located #picturesquely between the banks of lake #LochLeven and the mouth of the famous gorge #GlenCoe, making it the perfect base from which to explore the #Lochaber area, also known as the outdoor capital of Britain. The area is also great for challenging extended #hiking and #climbing trips on famous mountains like #SgorrnaChiche or the #AoanachEagach mountains.


Inverness is the largest city and the cultural centre of the Scottish Highlands. The area is known for its #medieval castles like #Inverness Castle, which is said to have been built by the first King of Scotland: Malcolm III of Scotland. Or #UrquartCastle next to the famous lake #LochNess, home to the world famous shrouded in legends lake monster #Nessie. Or even #CawdorCastle and Gardens which is known from Shakespeare’s tragedy #MacBeth. As you can see, this is a place to experience the past and learn about the history of Scotland. Also close to Inverness are the Clava Cairns, which bear witness to the death cults of the Bronze Age in Scotland. The impressive site is an insider’s tip as it is hardly ever visited. But it is worth it!


Skiing in Scotland? That’s not possible? Well, it is possible in the #Aviemore area. This place is almost a Christmas village as at #CairngormReindeerCentre you can admire real Highland reindeer, the only free range #reindeers in Great Britain. Scottish wildlife and endangered animals from around the world can be seen in the Highland Wildlife Park near #Kincraig. From climbing adventures at #TreeZone Aviemore to majestic #ospreys flying over your head at the famous and calm lakes #LochMorlich or #LochanEilein, this place is nature in its purest form.


Killiecrankie or the place where the Highlands meet the Lowlands. This place is a #fairytale forest, especially in autumn when the colours of leaves and trees are changing. This place seems almost #untouched. There is lots of #wildlife in the area, rare mushrooms and toadstools, clean rivers and majestic trees which can be seen in #FaskallyForest. Killiecrankie is also known for one of the gloriest battles in Scottish history, the Battle of Killiecrankie which happened in 1689. Today, #Killiecrankie is an oasis of peace and tranquility. You can enjoy a breathtaking view over the area after a hiking trip to  the top of #BenVrackie but make sure to pack a raincoat! Also, if you are a #whiskey lover like we are, make sure to stop by #EdradourDistillery, which used to be the smallest distillery in Scotland and produces some of the finest whiskey around.