Spreewald Kayaking
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When you think of #Berlin, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag or, above all, the multicultural crowds of the federal capital with its approximately four million inhabitants. But if you want to avoid the hot asphalt roads of the metropolis in #summer and are longing for a little #outdoor adventure on the water, you can make your personal kayak dream come true right on your doorstep in Berlin. 

Because in the nearby #Spreewald lowlands there are numerous possibilities for you and your friends to go on a small or even bigger #canoe tour in a breathtaking cultural landscape - and this less than 100 kilometres away from the turbulent life in the capital. The best, because also the most relaxed way, is to take about five to seven days for this trip.

Our route for you

You and your friends will start at Berlin main station and go to #Lübbenau, southeast of Berlin. If you want to take it easy and are travelling in a group of more than two people, it is best to rent one or more 3 or 4 person canoes from the local boat rental. The costs here are around 130-150 € per #kayak, depending on the size of the boat. In addition, you should consider in advance whether you want to take advantage of a boat return service at your final destination Berlin-Grünau, which will also cost around 100-130 €.

On your first day, you will paddle north through the Spreewald biosphere reserve from Lübbenau via Lübben to Schlepzig, where you will set up your first camp at the nearby campsite. By the way, finding a place to stay overnight along the whole route is a piece of cake: Every 10-15 kilometres there is a #Camping site and most of the time there are youth hostels and hotels near the boat landing stages. If you decide to go camping, be sure to calculate about 11 € per person/night, which will take up your travel budget in addition to food, train and kayak. By the way, wild camping is strictly forbidden and is punished by the water police especially in summer.

From #Schlepzig you navigate to the picturesque Märkisch #Buchholz, where you can camp and relax at the beautiful Köthener See. On the third day, you will sail rested to #Prieros, where you can relax on the beach of the Langer See. The ambitious canoeists among you can also paddle over the Dolgensee and the Krüpelsee near Kablow all the way to Königs #Wusterhausen.

The last stage leads you via Wildau, the Zeuthener See and the Langer See near #Schmöckwitz to your destination in Berlin-Grünau, where you can dock your canoes at one of the boat landing places. After the fascinating and beautiful water tour you can refill your reserves of energy in the Berlin gastronomic scene and slowly get used to the turbulent hustle and bustle of the #metropolis again.