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Bergen is a city on the southwest coast of Norway that attracts visitors with its immense beauty and proximity to incredible #outdoor adventures. One of the nicknames of #Bergen is "The Heart of the Fjords". The surrounding #landscape is dominated by mountains and fjords, including the #Sognefjord, the deepest and longest #fjord in the country. A visit to Bergen therefore always includes mountain walks, boat trips through the fjords and walks through the city centre. Although Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, it has the charm of a small town with a lot of historical character.

The #UNESCO World Heritage Site #Bryggen is the most obvious remnant from the time when Bergen was the centre of trade between #Norway and the rest of Europe. Along the old quay, the historic, colourful wooden houses stand by the old landing stage, which was once a base of the powerful Hanseatic League. You have probably seen the houses on Instagram, as they are a popular photo motif. Today the shipyard houses a museum, shops, galleries and restaurants and is a magnet for locals and visitors alike.

Not far away you will find the lively fish market, which has been supplying the locals with freshly caught treasures from the sea since 1276. Today it is one of the most visited open-air markets in Norway, offering fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, handicrafts and souvenirs. 

With 10 percent of the population being students, there is always something going on at various corners and venues throughout the city.

In the art museum #KODE you can see works by Norwegian artists such as Edvard Munch and Johan Christian Dahl.

One of the most beautiful sights in Bergen is the stave church in the #Fantoft district. The fascinating testimony of medieval architecture is a reconstructed wooden church from the 12th century with artistic carvings and dragon heads. 

The Museum of the City of Bergen includes several cultural heritage sites such as the open-air museum Gamle Bergen (Old Bergen) with replicas of historic wooden houses that will take you back in time to centuries gone by.

One of the cool things about Bergen is that you don't have to visit a museum or gallery to experience great art. Everywhere in the city (famous) streetart artists have immortalized themselves. Skostredet, perhaps Bergen's most charming shopping street, is an ideal starting point for a self-guided street art safari.

Bergen is also often referred to as "The city between the seven mountains". By far the most easily accessible peak is Fløyen, 320 metres above sea level. The funicular #Fløibanen takes you up to the mountain plateau of #Fløyen, which offers panoramic views and hiking trails, in a six-minute ride. 

The highest of the seven mountains is #Ulriken at 643 metres above sea level. You can also easily reach this peak thanks to the Ulriken cable car. When you stand on top of Ulriken and look out over the sea, islands, mountains and fjords, you may understand why Bergen is often called "The Fjord Capital".