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Tromsø, an Arctic oasis, is a city in the north of Norway, which is considered an important cultural centre north of the Arctic Circle. Rugged, snow-covered peaks surround this small but important polar city, which is also known as the "Paris of the North" and "Gateway to the Arctic". With 75,000 inhabitants, #Tromsø is the largest city in northern #Norway. The city is located on an island connected to the mainland by a high, gracefully arched bridge and a tunnel.

At the end of the 19th century, Tromsø became an important #Arctic trading centre and the starting point for many Arctic expeditions. Famous polar explorers like Roald Amundsen recruited their crew members in Tromsø because of their unique knowledge of the place and the Arctic conditions.

Today Tromsø is known for having the northernmost university in the world and being one of the best places in the world to see the #northernlights. Even really faint northern light activity can be seen in the sky near Tromsø. If you are lucky and the northern lights are strong enough, you can even see the northern lights from the city centre! 

However, the aurora activity is more visible when other light sources are completely removed or greatly reduced. The weather also plays a major role: if there are too many clouds, the probability of seeing the aurora activity is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict exactly when the northern lights will appear - this is entirely up to Mother Nature. 

You just have to go out and try your luck. However, to increase your chances of the first two things, you can join a Northern Lights Tour.

Tromsø not only offers a lot of natural wonders - Northern Lights, midnight sun, #polarnight, fjords, whale watching etc. - but also a lot of #culture. The city is home to an international film festival, several museums and the world's northernmost botanical garden. The historic centre of the town is characterised by its centuries-old wooden houses. 

The landmark of the city is the 1960s built Arctic Sea Cathedral (also called Ishavskatedralen or Arctic Cathedral) with its distinctive pointed roof and high stained glass windows. There is a small fee for the entrance to the church.

Take the cable car Fjellheisen up the mountain #Storsteinen, which offers a panoramic view of this charming city. 

Tip: If you are visiting during the polar night, you should plan your visit carefully to get the best view. We suggest you get up around 11:00 am and take an hour or two to watch the light change.

The polar night occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the earth, within the Arctic Circle (and Antarctica). During this phase it is night for more than 24 hours - in the case of Tromso about 6 weeks a year. Technically, the sun never rises, but sometimes it is a beautiful deep twilight blue, which is characteristic for the polar night. 

Otherwise, a number of interesting museums await you in Tromsø, such as the Tromsø Museum, which belongs to the University of Tromsø and is dedicated to the culture of the Sami (also called Lapps), an indigenous people living in arctic regions. 

The Arctic adventure world Polaria is located in a building that imitates ice floes pushed up by the rough sea. The museum is only a five-minute walk from Tromsø city centre and also houses aquariums and seal tanks.

In the Perspective Museum, which is housed in a house from the early 19th century, you can learn more about Tromsø's history.