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About 32 km north of Alicante lies the picturesque town of #Villajoyosa (or La Vila Joiosa in Valencian) on the Spanish Costa Blanca. Villajoyosa is ideal for a #family holiday or a #daytrip because of the good transport connections. 

The historical capital of the region "La Marina Baixa" has a quite striking feature: If you look at the promenade in the old town from the #sea, you might think you have landed on the Dutch Antilles, because the facades of the houses in Villajoyosa show up in a colourful splendour. 

How the centuries-old custom of painting the houses in Villajoyosa came about is not quite clear. One theory is that it was used by local fishermen to help them find their way back home more easily. Whatever the reason, the colorful houses look very cheerful and distinguish Villajoyosa from most other towns along #costablanca.

Stroll through the old streets and enjoy the wonderful views that the town offers you in the old fishermen's and workers' quarter. It's also worth keeping your eyes open for great photo opportunities off the beaten track: Some alleys are lushly planted, others are decorated with flags. When you finally arrive at the beach, you will be rewarded with a view of what is appropriately called "Paradise Beach".

Villajoyosa, like many towns on the Costa Blanca, today lives mainly from tourism. However, the town has two other important economic sectors: Firstly, there is the very famous chocolate factory #Valor, whose chocolate can be bought in many shops in Villajoyosa. On the other hand there are still full-time fishermen and there is a daily fish market at the port.

At one end of the 2 km long beach is the old town, at the other end is the modern #harbour. Around the harbour and behind the promenade you will find some excellent restaurants and street cafés where you can enjoy your meal in peace. Along the promenade it is worth visiting the local market hall, which looks surprisingly modern. There are two tapas bars, a café and a wine and cheese shop. This is a lively but cosy place where many people gather at lunchtime. So fans of good food will definitely get their money's worth in Villajoyosa, especially if you like fish. 

The pleasant weather that prevails in Villajoiosa almost all year round allows visitors to take long walks around the harbour and enjoy the numerous #beaches and #bayes, with their calm and crystal clear waters.