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Paros is one of the quieter #Cyclades islands and still has everything you could wish for from a trip to the Greek #islands. Friendly Greek locals, delicious food by the sea, unique beaches, #picturesque villages and towns, breathtaking sunsets and much more. As always, many of the best things you can do in Paros are a bit off the beaten track. 

Getting to the island is really easy. From Athens you can take a short flight, which only takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from either Athens or the neighbouring islands. 

Tip: As the #island is quite big, you should rent a car to get the most out of your visit. Get to know the island while the wind blows around your nose.

The wondrous landscapes alone make the trip across the island an experience in itself. 

Explore the streets of Parikia 

#Parikia, the book-bound capital, may be less well known than its neighbours Mykonos and Santorini, but it is at least as beautiful! You can avoid the crowds simply by visiting in the afternoon. Start your tour by climbing up the stairs to Agios Konstantinos Church, enjoy the beautiful post-Byzantine beauty and its view. Behind it, the traditional cobblestone streets with whitewashed and flower-covered houses await you. 

Port city Naoussa

#Naoussa is a cute and lively harbour village in the north of the island, brimming with cute little streets and boutiques. The square next to the harbour is one of the coolest meeting places on the island, where restaurants, taverns and hotels line up. 

Medieval Lefkes

The medieval village of #Lefkes could not be more Greek and is situated on a hill in the interior of the country. The village is 11 km away from Parikia and was the capital of Paros in the Middle Ages. The church of Agia Triada is the main church of the village and a point of attraction, but you have to walk through a maze of traditional Greek streets to get there. 

Lefkes has only 500 inhabitants, but there are some nice boutiques, Greek taverns and cafes to explore. Perfect for a day trip! From Lefkes you also have a good view of the neighbouring island of Naxos. 

Vitamin Sea

As you would expect from a Greek island, lazing around on the #beach is one of the things you can do best in Paros. The beach Kolimbithres on the north coast of the island is divided into bays by natural rock formations. To the east you will find the wide sandy beach Chrissi Akti (golden beach), which is known for its excellent (wind) surf spots.

Ancient churches

If you are interested in culture and traditions, you should take a look at some of the old churches that are scattered all over the island. On Paros you will find among others the Panagia Ekatontapyliani, a Byzantine church complex from the 4th century AD.