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Milos, also known as Melos, is a Greek island that is known worldwide for its beaches. If you haven't seen any photos of the "moonscapes" of Sarakiniko beach, check them out as soon as possible. Just like Santorini, #Milos is of volcanic origin. With an area of about 160,147 square kilometers and almost 5000 inhabitants, Milos is relatively densely populated. 

Compared to others the #island is relatively quiet. The main town of the same name is located above the port of Adamas. There is a main road that takes you all over the island and connects the larger towns such as Tripiti, Triovasalos and Apollonia. It is the perfect island for travellers looking for #picturesque landscapes and a #relaxing holiday. Milos is not exactly known for a wild party scene, but in the capital Plaka you will find a lively bar and restaurant scene. 

On Milos there are no excursions in crowded tourist buses, no queuing at excavation sites. Nevertheless, Milos has some cultural highlights and a mixture of museums and ruins to offer, just the right thing to make your holiday varied.

Milos became famous as the site of the Venus of Milo, also known in #Greece as Aphrodite of Milos. The original is in the Louvre in Paris, but a copy is on display in the Archaeological Museum of Milos.

The #beaches in Milos are just incredible, and probably one of the main reasons why people come here. The already mentioned #Sarakiniko beach is a unique beach of lava bleached by sun and sea. There is a #sand beach, cliff leaps and a swimming hole open to the #sea.

Paliochori beach is famous for its red rocks and for the fact that the restaurants here cook their food on the sand.

The small Tsigrado beach is only accessible by a steep series of two ladders, but opens up to turquoise blue water, perfect for wading.

And then, of course, there are the idyllic little fishing villages with their houses, some of which are built right on the waterline, with the ground floor serving as a safe shelter for fishing boats in winter. With their "garage doors" painted in all the colours of the rainbow, they offer an enchanting sight.