Beach Towns Of Izmir
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Good to Know  

  • With great weather all year round, there's no bad time to visit the province. Nevertheless, the best time to visit is in early summer, when temperatures have not reached their peak yet, as the towns bloom in a rainbow of flowers and tourist attractions are in the early season.  
  • Renting a car can be advantageous, but all destinations on this list are accessible by public transport, or taxi, as well!  
  • Prepare some Turkish! While many people understand at least a little English, navigating public transport and daily life is easiest when you at least know the basics.  
  • Check out Izmir for more information on the city itself and Ancient History of the Turkish Aegean for the best places to visit the Greco-roman roots of the region!



Most foreign tourists that seek to bask in the Turkish sunlight travel to resort towns further south, closer to the Sea of Marmara. Thus, the Çeşme peninsula counts as somewhat of an inside tip for tourists wanting to stay close to İzmir. It's mostly İzmir locals that come here to escape the city in the summertime and to relax on sandy beaches along the turquoise coast of the Aegean. But Çeşme is more than just a beachside resort. The peninsula's name translates to "spring", due to the many natural hot springs located in the area. İlıca beach especially is worth a visit. Go for a swim in the calm and shallow turquoise waters, sheltered by the surrounding bay, and lounge on the white sand of İlıca beach. The water is comfortably warm here and is rich in minerals beneficial for your skin, thanks to the hot thermal springs arising from the seafloor. The coastline on the southern side of the peninsula is rockier and lined with cliffs, yet no less beautiful than in the north. The pebble beaches and cliffs of Delikli Köy are where İzmir's younger population ventures to. Admire the interesting rock formations found here from the cliffs above or directly from the shallow clear waters. There are two beaches: one is easily accessible by a short downward stroll, the other only by an easy climb down the not-so-steep rocks or by swimming. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are no facilities around, so bring everything you would need for an afternoon with you! Delikli Köy is a must-see, so bring enough time with you, you'll want to spend as much time here as possible! The main highlight of the Çeşme peninsula is the town of Alacatı. Trade-in at least one beach day to explore the colorful alleys of this small town. Alacatı is known for its greek-style stone houses with blue window shutters that make for stunning photo backdrops. If you visit in (early) summer, you will also get to experience the town's flower bushes in full bloom. Stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants renowned for their Aegean cuisine and soak in the picturebook atmosphere. This is the perfect place to buy some non-conventional artisanal souvenirs, like beautiful handmade olive oil bottles or other ceramic ware! Like any place on the peninsula, there is a seaside in Alacatı as well. For a full-beach day, go up to İlıca beach. If you're looking for some action, visit the beach and marina of Alacatı itself. The shallow waters that you'll find there are among the best places in the world to windsurf, with the town even hosting the windsurfing world cup, PWA Worldtour!


Gümüldür is the center of many smaller beach-side towns on the coastline of İzmir, which can all be reached by mini-bus in just a short amount of time. Gümüldür itself has two main attractions: the Yalı Castle Aquapark, with multiple waterslides of varying difficulties, and the Gümüldür Gece Pasarı, the evening bazaar close to the aquapark. Not far north from Gümüldür is the town of Ürkmez. Visit the large evening bazaar and enjoy your evening in one of the many cafés right on the beach, most offering live music. Another town to visit around here is Özdere, for its bars and comparatively empty beaches. The water in this region is great for a swim or playing around in the waves, but beware that it is not shallow. The beaches in these towns are usually pebble beaches, however, this does not take away from their beauty! The sunset from here is spectacular, with the sun setting right behind the tall mountains towering over the coastline. You will need to know some Turkish to get around, as the towns are more popular among Turkish tourists than international ones, which arguably makes them more of a hidden gem!


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