Trip Along The North Sea
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The Northwest Coast of Europe is a very known travel destinations for many tourists. Driving from the North of the #Netherlands, passing the coastline of #Belgium until arriving in the very North of #France. If you want to see #beaches and different places then this roundtrip is a great trip! Depending on you, you can visit different cities and regions. There is something for everyone, like great cities, unique coastlines, lovely beaches... Here we have listed some highlights you could visit during your road trip! 



Den Haag 

The biggest town next to the sea of the Netherlands as well as the greenest city in all of Europe! The coastline is lovely, unique dunes and parks and a lot more for a chill day at the sea! To find out about the culture and history of the Netherlands, #Den Haag’s city center offers you great opportunities. Highlights you could visit are the Esther Palace, the former Royal Palace and the Vredespalais, which is the UNs permanent court of Arbitration and International Court of Justice. 



Netherland’s capital is a great option for a stop on your trip! This city is known for its many canals and lovely alleys! The biker city is full of fun things to do! Other than most European cities, strolling through the streets you will find many coffee-shops! A great option to discover the city is also to rent a boat and do a canal tour. The highlights of the city that you shouldn’t miss are the Oude Kerk, the center, the “Trompettersteeg, the tightest alley of the capital, the red-light district, the #Canal Belt, the museums, for instance the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, etc. and so much more... For a full guide check out our full itinerary about Amsterdam! 



In the south of the Netherlands, Belgian also has a lot to see and discover. Depending on your choice you could either visit some of the more known cities (for more information check out our guides for instance about Brugges or Brussels) or explore the coastline with its lovely beaches like the ones we describe in the following guide. Oostende is great for a trip to the beach. Green landscapes, many miles of sand and activities! The experience-place of James Ensor is a new destination for tourists. The house disposes of James Ensors paintings, decorations, letters and photographs. There are also interactive rooms. You will also be able to visit his personal house. Another highlight in Oostende is the street art all over the city. Artworks from well-known artist are painted on different houses and form a parkour the “Green Lint”, accessible by bike or car. For the beaches in Oostende, you have to make a reservation, but the beaches Oosteroever and Oostende-Mariakerke don’t need a reservation. 

De Panne 

The region in the most western and southern point of the country. Known for its wide #beaches and many things to do it is great for a visit. Here beach sailing was discovered and is often done by locals. 



Right next to the border, Calais is a city in the North of France that is also very known for its tourism. The city center has many highlights like the very known “locals of Calais”, the fire speaking dragon, the #lighthouse and the traditional city hall with its two bells. Calais is also known for their Harbourt and connecting France to #England through the Dover Street, Pas de Calais. It is the door to the sleeve duct and is only 34 km south to Dover. 



This town is the most northern town in France. Some things to do are the two bell towers in the cathedral Saint-Eloi and in the city hall, a UNESCO heritage site, the harbor museum that represents the history of the town and the beach of Malo le Bains. Furthermore, you could take a walk on the Kais des assin du Commerce or visit different harbor facilities.  

Parc naturel regional de caps et marais d’opale 

This regional nature park of caps and opal is a very known destination for tourists. The natural park offers many opportunities to hike to see France`s nature and #wildlife. They compose of a diversity of cliffs, beaches and green landscapes and fields for farmers. It has a wonderful preserved nature site. 


As you see there is lots to explore on the North Coast of the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The listed places are definitely worth a visit and there is a lot more! But remember, the weather could be a little cloudy so we would recommend to travel here during the warmer months.