Blue Ridge Parkway
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The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most famous routes in the USA. It stretches from Virgina 755km to North Carolina, thus also connecting the Shenandoah and Great Smokey Mountains National Parks. The scenic road is located along the Blue Ridge mountains, which are part of the famous Appalachian Mountains. The special thing about the route is that the maximum speed is mainly limited to 40 km/h, which allows you to take in all the sights at your leisure, such as beautiful viewpoints, settlements from European settlements and prehistory... the perfect mix of nature and history! In this guide we will tell you about the most popular highlights of the route!  The Parkway starts in Charlottesville, Virginia. Here you can rent a car and drive to the first stop, Afton. If you're a wine lover, it's worth visiting the Veritas Vineyard winery here. It is not only possible to taste one of the most famous wines of the region, but also to get an insight into its origin and production. A definitely worth seeing viewpoint is the Rockfish Valley Overlook.The journey continues over the unique Humpback Rock to the James River to the Peaks of Otter. The Peaks of Otter, surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest, have been a very popular destination for several centuries. Today, several hiking trails lead to nature and Lake Abott as well as to historical highlights, such as an amphitheater or the Johnson Farm, which is a historic, still active farm.North Caroline, as well as Virginia, also offers much. The Linn Cove Viaduct, a masterpiece of engineering, serves to preserve the Grandfather Mountain and is definitely worth a visit. Linville Falls is the most impressive waterfall. It falls into Linville Gorge, also known as the "Grand Canyon of the Southern Appalachians." Another waterfall not to be missed is Mingo Falls, the highest waterfall in the Southern Appalachians. It is possible to learn about unique Cherokee legends there. A little tip, you should note is that it is forbidden to swim in the waterfalls and lakes.On your way through North Carolina you should definitely visit Asheville with the famous Folk Art Center, as well as Chimney Rock State Park. In addition, this part of the Panaroma Highway offers many other events. With the highest peak of 2037 meters in the eastern USA, Mount Mitchel is worth a stop. If you are a fan of hiking and mountains, then you should explore Mount Pisgah as well. It's perfect for relaxing or even going on an adventure in nature.Other highlights not to be missed on your trip are the Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, which offers a glimpse into the life of the American family, and the Craggy Gardens, which attracts many visitors with rocky cliffs and the Catawba Rhododendrons and other beautiful flora.