The Dolomites
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The #Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very popular vacation destination in the Italian Eastern Alps. They are named after the mineral dolomite, which is the main component of the rock. This also explains the unique light color that gives the Dolomites their unique appearance.

If you are a #nature lover, the Dolomites are the perfect place for you. Whether you're an active vacationer or a relaxation seeker, from hiking trails to #ski slopes, wildlife lakes and lookout points.... there is something for everyone! The different glaciers, steep faces, peaks, valleys and alpine pastures offer a lot to discover to make your trip impressive and great.

A special experience not to be missed is the Enrosadira. This phenomenon describes the red coloring of the peaks at sunrise and sunset. Especially in the summer months this is very well visible.

In this guide we will tell you about some of the highlights that should not be missed when traveling through the Dolomites:

Three Peaks

The Three Peaks, also called Tre Cime di Lavaredo, are a highlight in the Dolomites and are located in the east of South Tyrol. They are especially popular among climbing tourists. But don't worry, you can visit the Three Peaks without extensive climbing. A hiking trail circles the Three Peaks and offers a beautiful view of the mountains. There are many other #hikes that can be explored either on foot or by bike that also offer a beautiful view of the Three Peaks. In winter it is possible to view them from other #hiking trails nearby, such as the Strudelkopf hiking trail. Other activities are, as well as #ski tours, snowshoeing, winter hiking trails, toboggan runs and ice skating rinks, are also possible and all close to the Three Peaks. If you're a fan of museums and culture, this region also has plenty to offer, such as the Gustav Mahler Music Weeks, its Festival, the Open Air Museum and much more!

Braies Lake

The "Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes" is located quite centrally at 1500 m above sea level in the #Prags Dolomites. This lake is very #instagrammable and it owes this to its fantastically beautiful scenery. With green-blue water in summer and layers of ice and snow in winter, the mountains in the background look even more impressive. The lake is also the starting point for many mountain tours, as well as the Dolomites High Trail No.1, ski tours, etc. For those who want to take it a bit more relaxed, a 4km round along the shore is suitable, as well as nice rowing boats and fishing options.

It should be noted that the Braies Valley is open only at limited hours and can only be reached by public transport, on foot, by bike or with a parking reservation, which must be booked in advance.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

This place is a highlight for many people vacationing in the Dolomites, both in summer and in winter. In the colder seasons, the place is known for the many and varied ski slopes. Already in 1956 the Olympic Winter Games were held here, as well as in 1932 the Alpine Ski World Championships were held. This area is also very suitable for hiking. With six peaks that are over 3000 meters high, such as Tofana di Mezzo, Tofana di Rozes and Rossa d'Ampezzo. The peaks such as Tofana or Antelao are special because of their pink color, giving the valley a particularly beautiful backdrop. Here are also available other leisure activities, such as bicycle, kayaking and canoeing tours or rail-bobsleigh rides.

Besides the nature activities, on the street 'Corso Italia', there are many famous Italian fashion brands, cafés and restaurants which serve a lot of traditional Tyrolean dishes, such as Canerdeli ,a dumpling variant.

Alpe di Siusi

The Alpe di Siusi, with 56 m², is Europe's largest high alpine pasture and is known worldwide.  A variety of flora and nature, high mountains and sunny weather almost all year round, attract many tourists. You can not only admire the peaks Langkoffel and Plattkoffel from here, but also visit various ruins and museums that give an insight into the history and culture of the Alpe di Siusi. A special sight are the witches' benches and chairs and the modern church of St. Francis.


Bolzano is a medieval city in South Tyrol. The beauty of this city is that the Italian and German cultures are mixed together and the city therefore offers a special #history and #culture. You can discover the different art and culture museums, stroll through the old town, discover the nightlife, try specialties in different restaurants, visit the most important street 'Lauben' or visit a #winery. Other highlights are the Sigmundskron Castle and the Runkelstein Castle. Bolzano is also known as the gateway to the south offering a Mediterranean ambience.