Road Trip Through Umbria
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Umbria lies at the heart of Italy. The region has no large cities and is often overshadowed by its famous neighbor, Tuscany, making most tourists just skip over it. But don't underestimate Umbria's beauty! The landscape is similar to that of Tuscany, with rolling hills, vineyards, and bright pastures. Situated on the hilltops are the charming medieval towns, known for their delicious food and wine.


Parco Fluviale del Nera: 

This nature reserve near Terni is great for outdoor activities. Climb the Ferentillo Rock Face, raft down the river Nera or hike one of the numerous trails, e.g. to Marmore Falls, a gigantic waterfall created by the Romans. Located throughout the park are medieval castles and fortified villages that you can explore, as well.


As the birthplace of St. Francis, founder of the Franciscan Order, Assisi is Umbria's most religiously significant destination. While Assisis' historic center, with its charming cobblestone streets, is reason enough to justify a visit, the town's highlight is the Basilica of St. Francis. The frescoes inside belong to the world's finest collections of medieval art and have UNESCO World Heritage Status. Besides the basilica, there are many more churches in Assisi that are also worth a visit. However, if you are only there for the day you should spend your time enjoying the ambiance and the view over the countryside.

Lago Trasimeno: 

Lago Trasimeno is surrounded by quaint towns, of which Castiglione del Lago is the loveliest. Visit its historic center and learn about the town's rich history, which dates all the way back to the Etruscans. Also during your stay at Lago Trasimeno, be sure to take the ferry to Isla Maggiore, in the middle of the lake. From the island's bell tower, you'll have the best view of the area!


The last stop on this trip will be the picturesque town of Gubbio. Already a settlement in pre-Roman times, Gubbio is not only one of the nicest medieval Italian towns, but it is also among the oldest! Remnants of these bronze-age settlers, the Iguvine-Tablets, can be found in the Palazza dei Priori in Gubbio's city center.


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