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Plan the perfect family trip
Leaving everyday life behind and traveling with the whole family - that should be the best time of the year! But even planning a family trip can be stressful. The more people traveling together, the more needs and expectations want to be met. With careful travel planning that includes all family members, the chances of a memorable and happy vacation are quite high.
Keep all the details in one place
Travel planning can be an exciting but stressful process, with issues ranging from packing to travel expenses to coordinating travel details with travel partners. Lambus ensures that all travelers have all the necessary information at their disposal at all times.
Plan your shared itinerary

One of the best ways to get everyone excited about the vacation is to include everyone in the planning. Plan ahead so that each family member chooses at least one activity that he or she enjoys. Listen carefully to what everyone wants and incorporate it into your custom itinerary in Lambus.

By understanding each family member - what they like and don't like, what passions they have and what bothers them - you can create a travel experience that fits all personalities.

Haven't decided where to go, yet?
Find nearby attractions and restaurants

The situation will escalate quickly if several hungry people argue about what, when and where to eat. You could either work out meal ideas before the trip and save them in your itinerary.

Or, if you're more of a spontaneous type, or something doesn't go as planned, you can also find local restaurants, activities, sightseeing and such nearby.

Travel even easier - with Lambus PRO

Additional features in our PRO version make your family trip planning even more relaxed. For example, remember that your family needs to move from A from B. If you're traveling to several locations, you'll want to factor travel time into your itinerary.

Our PRO Version is very helpful here, as it will show you the estimated travel time it will take you to drive or take public transportation. You should never underestimate how long it can take to get somewhere if you have a child with you.