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Manage your group itinerary, communication and more in one single app!
Plan vacation with friends or family
The only thing better than a vacation with friends is a well-planned vacation with friends. Planning a trip can be a lot of work on its own, but when you bring in a handful of other people, it can get even more messy. Whether you’re planning a spring break trip, bachelorette party or family reunion, keep all the details in a single place with Lambus.
Store everything in one place
Lambus ensures that all travelers have all the necessary information at their disposal at all times. Departure data, tickets, etc. are just a click away on the smartphone.
Plan your shared itinerary

Lambus lets you build your shared itinerary with as many stops and nearby places as you want on an interactive map. Find Attractions, Restaurants, Tours and more in your destination. Ask everyone to research one or two things they absolutely want to do.

Forward confirmation emails to the app and your flights, bookings, accommodations and activities will appear in one place.

Haven't decided where to go, yet?
Keep track of group expenses

Picture this: You're ready for a two-week trip, but before it really gets going, there's tension because you can't agree on how to split the money.

Shared expenses are often part of traveling with friends. It's important to keep track of everything you're splitting as a group, whether it's flights, hotel rooms, activities or meals.

Manage your expenses in Lambus and say goodbye to the question: Who owes what to whom?

Travel even easier - with Lambus PRO

Additional features in our PRO version make your group trip planning even more relaxed. For example, remember that your group needs to move from A from B, whether by car, public transportation, etc. Not only can you book your suitable offer in Lambus, but you can also use PRO to calculate the exact duration and distance between stops.

Or export an Excel summary after your vacation to let everyone know how much they owe other travelers.