AI-based contextual booking route for customized offer suggestions based on existing user data.
Receive booking offers that fit you.
Who hasn't experienced this: searching through dozens of websites with the same data over and over again, just to get the best offer. This is no longer up-to-date: Modern travelers want to get all relevant offers at a glance. Lambus will make this possible in the future with Marketplace AI.
All relevant suppliers
Lambus works with all the major suppliers in the travel industry to bring you the best deal for every purpose:
Just one click away

Your booking offers are put together automatically: Just plan your trip, add stops and we'll do the rest (e.g. flights, trains, hotels, vacation rentals, tours & activities).

All offers can also be filtered and saved for later. You don't like to book via smartphone? No problem: Send you the offers with one click via e-mail!

Tailored for you

Using artificial intelligence, we can suggest the perfect deals based on your travel interests, budgets, group size and more.

If you don't like an offer, mark it and we will automatically refine our offer to fit you at any time.