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Manage the students' itinerary, travel documents, communication and more in one single app!
Plan a class trip or excursion
Class trips and field trips help students interact and absorb information in a hands-on way. Most studies show that students retain more information and develop critical thinking skills when they are exposed to educational materials during field trips. While planning and organizing a school trip can be considered stressful and time-consuming, Lambus offers you several ways to simplify the process and ensure the trip goes smoothly.
Store everything in one place
Lambus ensures that teachers, students and parents have all the necessary information at their disposal at all times. Departure data, tickets, etc. are just a click away on the smartphone.
Plan the itinerary for the class trip

Especially younger students have a relatively short attention span, so it is important to plan trips wisely. Or search for suitable educational activities from our partners like GetYourGuide.

Lambus lets you build your shared itinerary with as many stops and nearby places as you want. You can forward confirmation emails to the app and your flights, bookings, accommodations and activities will appear in one place.

Haven't decided where to go, yet?
Shared documents and photos

Create a private list of all students participating in the trip and create folders that include written consent from parents or guardians, their medical and dietary requirements, and other important information such as their behavioral tendencies.

You could also use the document sharing option to upload field trip worksheets or have students share photos as part of an educational scavenger hunt.

Travel even easier - with Lambus PRO

Additional features in our PRO version make your class trip planning even more relaxed. When the departure day is approaching, the Lambus PRO version can be used, for example, to import, edit or create packing lists for the students. In addition to clothing, packing lists should include important documents such as ID cards and health insurance information, as well as any medications that may be needed.

Teachers could also compile a private packing list for themselves. For example, a list that includes all parents' phone numbers and a small first aid kit for emergencies are important.